Traveling Vineyard Wines

The Rewards of Participating in The Traveling Vineyard Wines Program and Becoming a Licensed Consultant

Rick Libby, Chief Executive Officer of The Traveling Vineyard, a company based in Ipswich, MA hosted the first at-home wine tasting event in Tampa, FL. He established the business in 2001 and uses direct sales marketing and business models designed to recruit consultants and attract customers.

The basic concept is hosting a home tasting event and serving guests with a selection of The Traveling Vineyard wines. Mr. Rick Libby provides Independent Traveling Vineyard Consultants with opportunities to earn supplemental or full-time income and other rewarding benefits.

The way The Traveling Vineyard Wines Program works is to first sign-up to become a licensed Independent Consultant, also known as wine guides. Wine guides receive extensive training, support, and tools to direct sales marketing after joining the program. They are assigned leaders in the regions at-home tasting party events are being held to respond to questions and mentor new guides. A guide is there through the complete training process providing support and tips on how to efficiently host home tasting parties. All guides have access to the online training center, The Tasting Room which includes the company’s modules; Introduction to Traveling Vineyard Wines, Team Building Instructions, Tasting Event Videos, and Business Growth Strategy.

Some of the best benefits of becoming a wine guide and independent licensed consultant are financial rewards, work schedule flexibility, and low overhead expenses. Explore all the rewards after joining The Traveling Vineyard Wines Program and join the fun annually at the Harvest Conference. The conference is held each year bringing together hundreds of consultants and wine guides to have plenty of fun enjoying a costume competition, wine tasting, and dancing. The yearly event hosts training sessions to help wine guides enhance their skills in business development and entrepreneurship.

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Arthur Becker: An Experienced Biotech and Real Estate Business Technocrat

Arthur Becker is the Managing Board Member of Madison Partners, LLC, a real estate and Bio-Tech firm. Becker was the former Chairman/CEO of Zinio, LLC, having served from 2012 to 2015. Before working at Zinio, Arthur was the chief executive officer of NaviSite, a company that provided Internet hosting services to businesses in the U.S., UK, and India. Arthur was also a senior advisor to Vera Wang – a fashion company for seven years. He had invested in technology and real estate since 2011 when Time Warner bought NaviSite.

Managing Madison Limited

Arthur Becker became extremely engaged in his work while at NaviSite and later at Zinio. He chose to expand his development interests by constructing condos in New York and Miami. The exposure in biotech companies got him fascinated in the sizeable economic opportunities; that’s when Madison Partners was formed. He saw the potential to make a significant impact on people’s lives.

Arthur operates on a flexible schedule; he is concentrating on a current project, the completion of Town Houses on Sullivan Street in New York and afterward, he intends to build a luxury condominium in Tribeca, reports the Real He brings ideas to life when working with people that he respects, experts, and other talents — in technology or real estate. Becker is intrigued by the trends in biotech, mostly in cancer treatment.

One habit that makes Becker more productive as a capitalist in companies that have been successful is the bond between the management, which is critical to the success of any business. His ability to evaluate and help out in the growth of the management talent has been a key factor in the successes he has enjoyed. If he was to start again, Becker believes that his construction business of restructuring 18th-century buildings would have been an excellent idea rather than completing his graduate studies because he believes that he would have enjoyed the training and experience.

Becker ( believes the best advice to other entrepreneurs is to stay informed, be flexible in strategy, listen to peers, and study the market. Another strategy that has helped grow his business is talent. Identify the talent, persuade talented people to believe in your business vision and then lead them in its implementation.

Believing in The Potential of a New Product

A lot of thought has to go into a product before it can be released to the public. The amount of thought depends on the type of product and the purpose behind it. While some products are similar to older products, there are some products that come along every once in a while in order to bring something completely new to the table for customers. These products tend to be the ones that make the most money and change the world the most. Among the people that typically come up with such life changing products is Bob Reina, CEO of Talk Fusion.

Bob Reina has looked closely at technology and has seen where it can go. However, he was not just looking for technological advancements just for the sake of advancing technology. He has looked at the benefits it could bring people who use these products. Among the type of products he has developed and offered to the users was Video Email back in 2004. He has seen that there is a lot of potential for Video Email and that it could make a huge difference in marketing for a lot of online businesses. Bob Reina has changed the marketing landscape with Talk Fusion.

Bob Reina has later on developed Talk Fusion, which was the next big hit. It has been such a hit with many people that he has gone on to enjoy a lot of the success. However, he has thought about people and their needs. One of the issues that was happening at the time was the lack of jobs. Fortunately, Bob Reina has seen that a lot of entrepreneurs could use help in bringing their business to higher success levels. After all, it is the entrepreneurs that have large businesses that can offer jobs to people. Therefore, Talk Fusion was designed to make marketing and communicating a lot easier for people. Bob Reina has improved marketing for a lot of businesses throughout his career.

Bruno Fagali Is Respected for His Extensive Degree Of Brazilian Legal Knowledge

The commander of Corporation Loyalty in Brazil is Bruno Fagali. Mr. Bruno Fagali attained his skill in lawmaking, and the Brazilian organization Fundação Getulio Vargas rated him as a specialist. He also gained this rating from the esteemed University of São Paulo. Mr. Bruno Fagali’s chief talents are placed chiefly on Municipal Administration, which is primarily to quell any unwelcomed objectives in government. Mr. Bruno Fagali enrolled into a great amount of instructional courses to earn his degree in State Authoritarian Law, and Mr. Bruno Fagali earned his acclaimed Master’s in that study of knowledge, which Bruno managed with satisfaction while taking several courses at the Brazilian College of São Paulo.

Bruno is valued in his field for his deep appreciation of litigation familiarity regarding state law. Mr. Bruno Fagali is a leader at one of the top marketing promotional agencies in all of Brazil. Mr. Bruno Fagali is an absolutely essential part of the Measures & Principles Trade policy. Mr. Bruno Fagali has his talents honed largely on instructing the ins and outs of District Litigation, Conformity, Anticorruption & Electoral.

The corporation Nova/SB aids with the backing of publicity all over the country’s broad range of exposure. Nova/SB is a celebrated brand and keeps an affiliation with the department, identified as the People’s Interest. Nova/SB depends on this contact by exploiting it for all of their promotions. They’re the most essential promotional department in all of Brazil. They are allied to an extensive assemblage of provisions, relating to management and broadcast promotionals, all of which are carried out from their main compound in Brazil.

A Community Trust decree corresponds with Brazil’s Board of Transparency, connecting to the Board of Control & Directives. Nova/SB is the leading company to achieve such a uniquely distinct plan.

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Kevin Seawright and the Newark Community Ecoomic Development Corporation

In the non-profit world, there are many figureheads working towards making the community a better place. Many of these people live in the community in which they are helping, making the task even more important.

The Newark Community Economic Development Corporation is a non-profit organization, located in Newark, NJ that specializes in helping the community. The Newark Community Economic Development is funded by the city of Newark. Learn more about more Kevin Seawright:

The NCEDC works with small businesses in the City of Newark, as well as individuals looking to start businesses in the community. They help businesses start by assisting them with loans, as well as giving them advice on how to begin and continue their businesses. The NCEDC is an important part of the City of Newark, which begins with the people they employ.

Kevin Seawright is the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation’s Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President. Kevin Seawright’s role is to find ways to boost the economy in the City of Newark.

According to Market Wired, Kevin Seawright is a financial expert with administrative operations experience. Mr. Seawright career spans many institutions in the financial and local sector. He has built a career around economic strategy and reorganizing companies and public organizations.

He has worked for the City of Baltimore, in the Department of Housing and the Department of Recreation and Parks. He served as the Deputy Chief of Operations for the Public Schools in Baltimore. He worked in the Baltimore Public Schools until 2011. In Newark, Mr. Seawright is working to improve development.

Kevin Seawright is successful at the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation because he believes in the City of Newark and he wants to see the people of Newark flourish and be great.

Currently, Kevin Seawright is working towards making the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation a viable organization that can help the people of Newark.

George Soros Wants To Help The Left Recover

A Billionaire Takes Action
George Soros is one of the most prominent progressive donors today. Throughout his life he has made himself a staunch supporter of left wing politics and put a strong emphasis on the supporting open societies, free markets, and democracies around the world. Recently he has decided he wants to contribute to the campaigns of Hillary Rodham Clinton and the efforts to prevent the Brexit decision. In both cases he found himself disappointed with the results.

A Year Full Of Surprises
2016 was a year full of surprises for everyone. Early in the year the Brexit decision came around. Most had expected the Brexit vote to fail but it managed to pass with a slight margin of victory. Later as the year came to a close Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid on would end with defeat when Donald Trump ended up taking the electoral college despite a significant loss of the popular vote. Now, liberals wondering what went wrong and how to recover from the devastating losses they faced across the board in elections across America and Europe.

How To Recover From This
George Soros has previously allowed disappointing results in politics to discourage him from contributing on Snopes, but he refuses to allow that to happen in the current aftermath. He has lost money as the result of these elections, but he is determined to help the Left recover. Key to his plan to stage a comeback for the Left is to find a way to connect with the middle class voters that supported these politicians. Globalization on Politico was an important issue last year and many felt left out as developing countries and wealthy business leaders received most of the profits from globalism.

The Price At Stake
He doesn’t believe the Left can afford to simply stand by and accept the results of these elections. If progressives don’t find a way to resist and to regain some power, we may face dark times ahead of us. It may not happen rapidly but Soros believes the rights of minorities and democracy are possibly at risk. A survivor of the Holocaust himself, Soros understands what life is like under a dictatorship and how dictators begin to take away power from people. He sees striking similarities today in conservative movements and wants to do what he can in order to prevent this from happening again.

About George Soros
George Soros is a financial investor with a strong focus on hedge fund. His personal hedge fund, the Soros Fund, has operated for decades and consistently outperformed all other competitors. Thanks to his ability to understand markets and his sound investment strategies George Soros is currently worth $25 billion. However, he uses his fortune to help others in need and to further political causes he deems important such as open societies or free market capitalism. In recent years he has shown a strong interest in American politics and finding ways to support progressive causes in America.

The Reason That Securus Technologies Welcomed The BBB’s Scrutiny

When Securus Technologies received their accreditation and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB), it validated what the firm, which serves law enforcement and corrections facilities in North America, has been saying all along, they approach their business dealings with honesty, integrity and transparency.


As the BBB expects firms to be responsive to customer’s needs, Securus Technologies created a domestic call center with enough staff members to promptly serve the friends and family of inmates, many of whom are creating accounts to allow their loved ones to make telephone calls from the correctional facility or they are arranging for video visitation. In almost all cases, calls to Securus Technologies are answered within 11 seconds, and the issue is resolved during the initial phone call. This is important, especially for distraught family members who are struggling to understand how inmate communication systems work for the first time.


Chief Executive Officer Rick Smith is pleased with Securus’ BBB accreditation and he welcomed the scrutiny, as he has seen competitors make claims about their abilities that are misleading. In an industry which provides technology that law enforcement and the criminal justice system relies upon, misleading statements designed to snatch business from a superior competitor is clearly wrong.


Tammy Mazzocco Helps Clients Ride The Cleveland Housing Wave

The Cleveland housing market finished off 2016 with the highest level of sales since 2005. This is one of the findings of an annual survey of real estate sales conducted by the Ohio Association of Realtors. The survey found that overall home sales in Ohio for the year 2016 rose 7.5 percent over 2015. Northeast Ohio had even better results, with the increase being closer to 8 percent.

The biggest issue facing Ohio buyers right now is a low supply of available homes. The strong job market and exceptionally low mortgage interest rates are driving the demand for housing. But, the demand from people wanting to buy homes far exceeds the willingness of current owners to sell.

Interest rates have experienced slight increases in the past year, but that hasn’t stemmed the demand from most buyers. Overall, rates are at historic lows and buyers are anxious to take advantage of the savings.

Buyers working with experienced agents will find their house faster, and at better prices than buyers who go house shopping on their own. Tammy Mazzocco, of ReMax One in Pickerington, is one of those agents. Tammy began her real estate career over 20 years ago and has experience in finding the right home for each buyer. A recent client commended her for her patience, and for asking the right questions so she could find the right house for the client.

Shopping for the house is only part of the process. After the house is chosen, the buyer needs to complete the process of buying the house. This can be a daunting and frustrating task. Again, Tammy knows exactly how to easily get through the purchasing process. Her attention to detail and helpfulness have led to an 85% repeat business rate.

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Cotemar Mexico Leads The Way As The Mexican Oil Industry Undergoes Major Changes

December 2016 saw the latest phase in the privatization of the Mexican oil industry with the auction allowing tenders to be made for taking over the deep water exploration rights. Tenders were sought for the deep water exploration in the Trion field where work will be completed alongside the Pemex corporation that has long been the sole government owned company operating the Mexican oil industry; companies like Cotemar Mexico have spent much of their history developing skills that have been used around the world and can now be used in Mexican oil fields.


Cotemar Mexico is one of the world’s top companies supplying maritime based services for deep water oil platforms that range from the positioning and construction of a platform through to the many different services required for creating a comfortable environment on land and at sea. Working with Cotemar Mexico in oil fields off the Mexican coast or further afield can be an enjoyable and comfortable experience as the company is well known for the quality of care it affords employees. Among the benefits seen are comfortable living quarters and travel options that include some of the most up to date and comfortable ships in the industry. Employees of Cotemar are also provided with a range of services from top notch catering through to laundry and ironing completed at land bases and on platforms.


As the Mexican oil industry expands at a fast rate and many companies are faced with the difficult choice of where to seek new or expanded oil fields Cotemar has been working to make sure it has a positive effect on the environment and local communities. The company has been publishing its guidelines and regulations for many years as they seek to create a sense of transparency in its sustainability programs; at community level the company has also become popular as they provide backing for sports clubs and philanthropic groups in communities touched by their work.

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Christanna Bevin’s Successful Practice

Christanna Bevin is one of the Sydney-based motivated women in all they do. She believes that she has the capability to chair any project to reach its end in the society. For this reason, she has demonstrated her excellence and prowess in her role as a project manager to oversee numerous world-class construction processes in the world. For all the projects she has received, she has worked to attain a successful end to make all her contractors successful. For her to achieve the success she has achieved in this life, she has strived to meet and exceed the high expectations and needs of her clients in all manners of projects she has handled.


She also has an outstanding experience and knowledge in all management skills which are necessary to have a project completed. Her field of expertise has the inclusion of procurement, contract, project controls, and administration management in all resource and construction sectors she has worked. Christanna Bevin is also one of the most respected individuals because she has a strong work ethic and code of performance. Her ability to communicate and her various problem-solving skills are unmatched in the industry. As a matter of fact, they are the only way in which he has accessed the path through a better environment. Because she always goes an extra mile in all her work, she has developed a market niche which no one can fit unless you hire her services as a project manager like no other.


Christanna Bevin offers one of the most flexible working companions. Or all those who have had an opportunity to work beside her, they can testify that she is indeed an icon in the project management society. For all the projects she gets the chance to work on, she lays a hand which is unmatched in this category. She is one of the most dedicated women in her work in Australia. This is the reason why she never fails to be hired in any interview she attends. Her personal life has been modified to fit into her career because her main goal in life is to make people‘s project come to success.