David Osio Bio and Article Recap

On June 22, 2016 in Miami, David Osio, along with his executive team at Davos Real Estate Group, announced the launch of a new application, “Davos CAP Calculator.” The purpose of this application is to allow the client to estimate the return on their current or potential real estate investments.


REG (Davos Real Estate Group) is part of the independent companies which form Davos Financial Group. Davos Financial Group is an international financial group. It is a leader in the Latin American market. Their focus is to formulate an investment strategy that combines premium products and the help of a professional team in order to meet the needs and expectations for all of their clients.


The Executive Director of Davos REG, Gerard Gonzales, along with the company Tecknolution, have been partnering on the development and design of this new app, which is currently available for Android and iPhone. This app is the first in what is planned to be a series of apps that will forward real estate reports to the user’s agent and help the user find properties with their mobile device. This app will also include a mortgage calculator to allow users to estimate their potential mortgage through the bank’s projections.


In addition to this app, Davos Real Estate Group, has been focusing on building new partnerships with real estate agents throughout different nations so they may expand their services to Europe, beginning with Spain.


In the first half of 2016 alone, REG has had an increase of more then sixty-five percent in sales by increasing their platform of agents more than sixty percent.


About David Osio


David Osio is the Executive Director and Founder of the Davos Financial Group. He has a law degree from the University Universidad Católica Andrés Bello in Venezuela. There he also took Banking and Finance courses. David also holds a degree in higher education from IESA, the Institute of Superior Studies of Administration, and a degree from the New York Institute of Finance, where he studied Banking and Portfolio Management.


Some of the positions that David has held was Vice President of Commercial Banking at Banco Latino Internacional (BLI) in Miami and Director of the law firm MGO in Caracas. Now David works independently, since he started Davos Financial Group in 1993. To read more about David Osio, you can take a look at his About Me section on his website here.


Nationwide Title Sets the Standard for the Industry

Concern over Title issues has risen in recent years due to the number of wrongful foreclosures. Due to this issue and the relatively simple fix of making the process of securing property reports more streamlined, Nationwide Title Clearing has updated their website and made these reports available therein. Nationwide CEO, John Hillman, believes addressing any property title concerns before the property is sold is critical, and so Nationwide has made these reports available on their own site for online ordering:

  • Assignment Verification Report Services
  • Ownership and Encumbrance Report (O&E) (Current Owner Report)
  • Tax Status (Plus) Report
  • Tax Status Report


The process Nationwide uses to obtain their data utilizes multiple sources, including the counties, and is verified by humans and automation, which assures compliance with the now stringently audited regulations in the United states. This process assures accurate results a client and lender can trust. Nationwide Title Clearing has been very successful with this process, and credits having a full understanding and comprehension of the needs of their clients and then providing them exactly the data necessary for successful completion of their transaction.



Founded in 1991, in Palm Harbor, Florida, Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. provides expert services to mortgage lenders, investors, and servicers in the entire United States, including eight of the top 10 residential mortgage servicers in the country. Services include research, audit, and document processing. The document services offered include lien release and assignments; research services with final document processing, document retrieval, and abstractor services; reports, which include assignment verification, current owner/O and E, lien verification, audits and remediation, tax status reports, and remediation services. Their high caliber of work and efficacy of research has set the standard in the industry, putting them in a position to train others.



Nationwide Title now provides training seminars to the industry, sharing ways to attain their own near perfect compliance rates of 99.9%. This comprehensive program covers two days of intensive education either at the client’s own location or at the Nationwide Title Clearing Training Center in either Palm Harbor, Fl or Dallas, Tx. Nationwide Title has been expanding rapidly and credits their growth to their strong contribution to the industry and the local community. They have won many awards and recognitions, including ranking number 26 on the 2013 Fast 50 Awards list in Tampa Bay for fastest growing companies. They also ranked number 1,900 on the 2013 Inc. 500/5000 list of fastest growing companies in America, a recognition they had come in at 2,730 the prior year. Nationwide has also been active in putting Americans back to work and received the Inc. Hire Power award two consecutive years, 2012 and 2013.



EOS Revolutionizes the lip balm industry

Lip balm has been had one look for years. You could recognize is as a simple skinny tube but today lip balm has taken a new style. EOS lip balms have made their way into an overly crowded market and dominated it. Today lip balm feels more like a treat then a treatment. EOS offers original flavors and is packed with natural conditioning oils shea butter, antioxidants, vitamins C & E. It is all part of the Evolution Of Smooth(EOS). Today EOS has grown to be a 250-million-dollar company. Today’s celebrities have even been spotted using the trending product.

Until recently, the business strategy of this company has remained a secret.EOS has finally exposed how their business became so successful. EOS is now the second leading brand in lip balm. Their products are now being sold by popular stores like Target, Walgreens and Walmart. Online merchants Lucky Vitamin and Ulta sell EOS products too. The reasoning behind not discussing their successful business strategy was that they were a small start-up company and just wanted to focus on creating and distributing the product. But now that they’ve grown, they are welcoming consumers to know more about their company.

Sanjiv Mehra Jonathan Teller and Craig Dubitsky formed a team. They noticed that lip balm has been basically the same over the past hundred years. They then set a research panel to distinguish what women wanted in a lip balm. The shape was decided on when they learned that women often complain of losing their lip balm in their purse. They also learned that women preferred the tubs but did not like touching the lip balm. Surprisingly, they discovered that women did not enjoy using lip balm, http://www.target.com/p/eos-organic-lip-balm-sphere-strawberry-sorbet/-/A-13731791,. To change this, they struggled to make their product engage all five senses. They created an all-natural alternative that was felt enjoyable to use and created some appealing new scents. This innovative company has changed the way women use lip balm.


Securus Technologies corrects GTL’s inaccurate Claims

I once held a position within a correction facility. While it was not the best job, I found it a right place for I could earn extra income. I received money that was used to support the entire family. However, what pains me is when companies in correction facilities present inaccurate data and misleading information. Take for instance the incorrect data submitted by Global Tel Link. The company released wrong information against Securus Technologies. Securus has since defended itself of all such allegations and proven GTL to be a mistake.


GTL should be pursuing patents and license instead of picking up fights with competitors. I think that such patents and license take money and time to pursue. Therefore GTL has sought for the short route to release incorrect information. However, GTL can never beat Securus Technologies by only releasing misleading information. Securus Technologies is a leader in the correction facilities. Its patents well represent it.


Securus Technologies and GTL offer services to people within correction facilities. GTL is a communication company that provides telephones for inmates. GTL and Securus are the biggest competitors in the correction industry. However, GTL is seeking to gain an unfair advantage by releasing wrong information. I find that GTL has been posting misleading information against Securus just to try to win the fight. The nature of activities assumed by GTL is nothing but child play.


Having followed Securus Technologies for many years, I noticed that they had resolved the dispute. GTL made its way to review its patents by the PTAB. However, Securus believes that the Texas Federal Court brought the case to a halt because of lack of clear evidence. I was delighted to see Securus correct GTL inaccuracies by providing well-researched information. Securus has prepared to return to court in 2017 to fight for justice in the correction department.



Squaw Valley Did An Extensive Water System Upgrade But A Freak Rain Caused Some Damage

When people think of Squaw Valley, they think of snow, not water. Squaw Valley is one of the best places to ski in the United States. Some professional skiers say Squaw Valley is one of the top ski destinations in the world. And they have good reason to think that way. Squaw Valley has been providing skiers with some of the most daring and exciting slopes in the industry for more than 60 years. Alex Cushing, the founder of Squaw Valley, saw the potential that existed in that area in 1947. He opened the Squaw Valley ski lodge in 1949, and people have come every year since then. In 1960, Squaw Valley hosted the Winter Olympic Games. After the Olympics, the resort became an icon in the ski industry. The slopes and trails were named after the athletes that participated in the Olympics. The resort became the in-place to ski for celebrities, politicians, and professionals as well as novices.

The old Squaw Valley resort is now the Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows Ski Resort, thanks to a merger that took place a couple of years ago. The resort is a sprawling 6,000-acre ski mecca in the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range. The Cushing family turned the day-to-day operations of the resort over to Andy Wirth in 2010. That was the year the resort got a major facelift. Wirth is now the CEO of the resort. Wirth is a ski industry leader and a dedicated community leader. Andy was the Marketing Director for the Steamboat Springs Ski Resort before he took the position at Squaw Valley. Wirth has made a huge impact on the resort. He is the catalyst behind the $1 billion expansion project that will begin once all the approvals are finalized. The expansion project includes a new indoor recreation center, 1,500 more hotel rooms and condos, and several restaurants, boutiques and retail shops.

Read more: Squaw Valley issues statement on upper mountain water quality

The resort updated the upper mountain water system over the summer of 2016 to prepare for the expansion project. In order to adhere to the very latest design standards, the old wellhead equipment was moved from underground vaults to aboveground well-houses. The old water supply pipelines were updated in order to reduce the risk of a surface water intrusion. But after the new system was certified and tested, the upper mountain area received more than 9.5 inches of rain. It rained for three days, and four wells were flooded. When the rain stopped, the wells were inspected and tested. The tests showed an E. coli and coliform contamination.

Liesl Kenney, the Public Relations Director for Squaw Valley, issued a statement to the Sierra Sun. The statement said health experts were treating the wells. Kenney said the Placer Country Environmental Health Department and the Squaw Valley Utility District were participating in the removal of the bacteria. The resort guests were not exposed to the bacteria, and all restaurants in the Gold Coast and High Camp areas were closed. Kenney also said three of the four wells are E. coli free now, but lower levels of coliform still exist in three wells. Squaw Valley will keep the wells and two water systems closed until all the harmful bacteria is gone.

Madison Street Capital: The Strategic Investment

About Madison Street Capital Advisors LLC


Madison Street Capital is a privately held company with their headquarters based in Chicago, IL. They have been in business for the last 11 years. The firm was established in 2005.


Their main scope of business is in investment banking. With over 50 employees and five strategic locations, the company has seen significant financial growth over the years. Spreading its wings to Asia, North America, and Africa the future looks bright for Madison Street Capital. They haven’t stopped at that! Plans are underway to open more branches.


Services Offered


Madison Street Capital provides the following services:


  • Mergers and acquisitions services.
  • Private equity.
  • Investment banks.
  • Business valuation services.
  • Venture capital services.
  • Advisory and Capital
  • Corporate tax planning services.

Industries They Work With,

Below is a sample list of industries that Madison Street Capital offers its services. However, they are not limited to these and can confidently handle other sectors as well.

  • Technology
  • Pharmaceuticals / Biotech
  • Healthcare
  • Aerospace / Defense
  • Construction / Real Estate Development
  • Consumer Markets / Food & Agriculture
  • Consumer Markets / Retail
  • Distribution
  • Energy / Oil & Gas
  • Energy / Solar
  • Manufacturing
  • Mining, Minerals & Natural Resources
  • Media / Telecom
  • Transportation & Logistics
  • Financial Services
  • Medical Devices

Office Location

Madison Street Capital has their headquarters located in Chicago, Illinois, in the USA at the Madison, Suite. Other branches are as follows;

  • Lake Oswego, in the State of Oregon – Centerpointe Drive
  • Accra, Ghana – Labone Link, North Labone
  • Haryana, India – JMD Megapolis, Sohna Road
  • West Bengal , India – J.C Bose Rd, Kolkata



Why Chose Madison Street Capital


Besides having several years of service, Madison Street Capital has a pool of experienced staff. This ensures a tailor made solution for each client. In addition, they give emphasis to in-depth analysis of each problem before offering a solution.


Being an international company, they reach out to most of the business locations. The best part is that whether it’s a multi-billion investment or just starting out, Madison Street Capital offers practical solutions with detailed advice. The same applies to both privately held and publicly held businesses. The services are provided with a lot of integrity. Probably this is due to their long existence in the business.


Finally, in a situation where there is doubt, Madison Street Capital is the best at carrying out intense market research. They ensure real-time value for the investments made. No more worries over anticipated recess or depressions in the economy. But in case that happens, Madison Street Capital quick and tenacious respond to opportunities will save the day.


Some people say the bigger the risk, the higher the rate of return. Madison Street Capital believes in wise investment. Where there is no light, let Madison Street Capital light up your investment.


Madison Street Capital Firm Overview 2011 from Madison Street Capital

A Major Russian Entrepreneur Opens Up About His Latest Educational Project

Online learning platform, Solvy, is the latest educational project of Alexei Beltyukov. Although, Beltyukov is a businessman, he was selected by the backers of the project to take charge of the launching and marketing of Solvy. Alexei has shown an incredible talent for helping turn around projects and launch successful ones. It is expected that Solvy will be a successful venture led by Alexei Beltyukov.

Solvy is an online learning program that helps students learn math. It also makes the job of an educator easier. Solvy tries to grab the attention of students and motivate them to study by giving them real world examples of problems where math is needed to reach a solution. It also attempts to customize the math problems, based on student interest.

For example, a student interested in the natural sciences, will have math problems tailored to that subject. This helps motivate students and reinforces the idea that math is used in other subjects such as the sciences as well. For teachers, Solvy shows where students are struggling and need help. A teacher can assign customized problems of varying difficult to their students. They can challenge all of their students and not have a one size fits all approach.

Grading is also easier with Solvy. With less spent grading, a teacher can spend more time on what really matters. This lets the teacher focus on how they can help a student overcome difficulties and master subjects. Solvy provides a win for both students and teachers. It is available for free currently for any teacher or school in the United States.

About Alexei Beltyukov

Alexei Beltyukov is a Russian businessman and entrepreneur. He serves as an adviser on the Skolkovo Foundation. This is a foundation that promotes technology development and research in Russia. It also attempts to nurture technology companies.

As an entrepreneur, Alexei Beltyukov has started numerous companies. A Ventures Ltd. is a business management company that has had an excellent track record of turning around failing and low profit margin businesses into high profit margin businesses. Alexei also has his own investment firm called Endemic Capital.

A New Look at Hair Care

Whether or not we want to admit it, our hair is a huge part of who we are. If we are having a bad hair day, our mood generally follows suit. When our hair is looking good, we feel much better about ourselves. We spend a lot of time in the store finding the right products to keep our hair looking as good as it possibly can.

For those who want a simpler product to use to make their hair the best it can be, there is a product out there. A cleansing conditioner replaces five products that we all use on a regular basis. Those products are shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler, and a leave-in conditioner. All of the benefits of these products can be found in one bottle of cleansing conditioner.

WEN by Chaz is a line of products that features a cleansing conditioner. Chaz Dean created his products after spending many years in the beauty industry. He started out helping a company create new products for their hair line. Chaz decided to create his own line and Wen by Chaz was created.

Wen by Chaz is different because it does not use harsh chemicals and does not strip the hair of its natural chemicals. This product was designed to help the hair and improve it every time the product is used. Chaz has many celebrity clients and Twitter followers who use his products regularly.

Taking care of your hair does not need to be a huge hassle. With Wen by Chaz and his cleansing conditioner, your hair will be healthier and easier to handle right from the start. Need Wen? Get yours on Guthy-Renker today!


Madison Street Capital is a Top Financial Advisory Service Provider

Madison Street Capital Reputation
Madison Street Capital is a global-wide investment banking firm that supplies financial advisory services to both private and public businesses. The company is situated in Chicago and has a broad client base including the Central Iowa Energy, Fiber Science, and the Bond Medial Group Inc.

Madison Capital knows the sensitive nature of corporate finance and it is able to respond quickly to the requirements of its clients. The company establishes corporate finance transactions where both investors and business owners benefit equally. The company also has the experience and knowledge to match sellers and buyers. It also allocates the appropriate capitalization and financing structures to every particular client situation. The firm employs methodologies that reflect considerable experience and expertise in all corporate finance areas. These include market pricing, deal structuring, due diligence, and specialized financing.

Madison Capital has helped many businesses achieve their goals in time over the past decade. The company understands and has the experience to handle all areas of corporate governance and corporate finance. This is why Madison Capital is a leading provider of financial advisory services, valuations, and M&A. The company has offices in Africa, North America, and Asia. It has adopted global prospects that supply equal emphasis to networks and local business relationships.

Madison Capital presents its 2015/16 Hedge Fund M&A outlook
Reports claim that 2015 was an unforgiving year that witnessed mediocre performances across the hedge fund industry. Institutional investors were increasingly turning to alternative asset management sectors with the hope of attaining higher essential returns to match rising liabilities. Reports also claim that many hedge fund corporations operated below optimal portfolio capacity levels in 2015 because most of these companies were under pressure to attract new capital. Companies incurred high operational costs while still facing the downward pressure on transaction fees. These factors forced many businesses across the hedge fund industry to consider strategic alternatives.

The company achieved 42 overall hedge fund deals in 2015 compared to the 32 transactions executed in 2014. This is according to the Madison Capital’s hedge fund industry M&A overview. AUM reports claim that the Madison 2015 transactions are approximately 27% higher than those of 2014. A wave of sales in the fourth quarter of 2015 created the major momentum in transactions. This positioned 2016 as its record year in hedge fund M&A transactions.

The Senior Managing Director at Madison Capital says that the ideal environment for the hedge fund company was high in 2015 and will even be stronger in the year 2016. He expects the highly fragmented hedge fund and opportunistic partnerships of the company to be his winning formula. He says that his business is structured to accommodate both sellers and buyers and that it will continuously commit to consolidating customer needs.

Learn more:


Madison Street Capital Firm Overview 2011 from Madison Street Capital

Medical Care and Health Program- InnovaCare

Being healthy is very crucial and a big determinant of how we run our day to day activities. We can choose whether to get sick or not but we can have preventive measures as well treatment on businesswire.com. One cannot plan when to get sick, and sometimes sickness comes when one is not financially prepared, so having a health insurance cover is essential.

InnovaCare is one of the leaders in the medical industry that offers medical Advantage plans, Medicaid and they also engage in the improvement of original systems models. InnovaCare has been described as a medical organization that provides excellence physician services and are dedicated to creating a sustainable, dependable and cost-effective plan. InnovaCare functions two Medicare Advantage plans in Puerto Rico well known as MMM Healthcare and PMC Medicare Choice. In the two Medicare plans the organization serves about 20000 individuals, ho are served in more than 7500 providers. InnovaCare Health does not only help private members, but it also provides its services to the government within its health plan in Puerto Rico. They are committed to providing a complete advantage of medical coverage to the government via their harmonized care model.

The InnovaCare staff is made of medical expertise and professionals, whom humanity is their priority. InnovaCare also keeps up with changes in technology to provide quality medical care to its clients throughout the Northern part of America. InnovaCare works towards the fulfillment of their mission which is concentrated on providing healthy patients relationship as well as redefining health care administration to meet their customers need and beat the challenges facing healthcare sector.

Rick Shinto is the Chief Executive Officer and the President of InnovaCare. He has experience in the medical field of more than 20 years giving him a significant advantage of running InnovaCare. Before being the President of InnovaCare, Richard has worked in several medical healthcare institutions in California. Richard is not only a medical expert, but he is also an author of medical journals. He also a member of various boards including California Association of Physicians Groups(CAPG), the Health Net Quality Improvement Council and PacifiCare Improvement Quality Committee. Dr. Shinto’s professionalism and experience have seen him hold a position in one of the largest medical institution in the United States of America Aveta Inc. He has a passion of realizing every family stays healthy.

Behind the success of InnovaCare is the Chief Administration Officer Penelope Kokkinides. She has more than two decades in the health sector, and he focuses his specialty in government healthcare as well the managed health care industry. She has served in various positions as an executive including CenterLight Healthcare where she served as the Executive Vice President and the Chief Operating Officer. She has skills in the healthcare administration practice, organization and development of infrastructure in the health sector, and clinical expansion program.