U.S Money Reserve – the Leader in the Precious Metal Industry

Ryan Buchanan, the Vice President of Brand and Creative at the U.S Money Reserve announced the move by his company to have a new website, USMoneyReserve.com. This website brought a new face of the company and would allow them to post their products as well as interacting with their clients.

U.S Money Reserve leads in the U.S precious metal industry, and the new website would show their value of trust and commitment to giving the best services to their customers. The website bears the photo of the company’s president and their new coin gallery of gold, silver, and platinum. Consumers of these products would learn more about their benefits and motivate them to purchase.

The new website provided competitive prices for certified gold, silver, and platinum. The company’s clients were encouraged to sign up to be receiving a free gold information manual. The website also provided information on terms and conditions for processing and purchasing the precious metals. Market updates were provided as well.

Ryan was happy with this achievement calling it a Client-Connect Advantage where they could talk with their clients face to face and assist them offline transactions for secure purchasing.

Ryan further remarked that U.S Money Reserve was giving its clients a buyback guarantee and a full refund of certified coins after 30 days of purchasing. Customers all over the world could buy the products online and shipped to them by Gold Standard IRA.

About U.S Money Reserve

The company was founded in 2001 and is now one of the world’s distributors of legal gold, silver, and platinum. These metals are issued by the U.S and foreign governments and are certified. The company has researchers and numismatic experts that have adequate knowledge of gold, silver, and platinum. They are capable of trading products that can offer the highest profit for all the buyers. The company diversifies their assets with the precious metals. They provide superior service to their clients, therefore, creating a long-term relationship. Learn more about US Money Reserve: http://epodcastnetwork.com/u-s-money-reserve-ceo-angela-koch-discusses-leadership-culture-and-kpis/

U.S Money Reserve, Inc. is based in Austin, Texas. The company has sold more than I million coins since it was initiated. The company is always after client satisfaction, and many people have chosen it. The company has the shipping department, customer relations and business support department all of which work with concerts in sales satisfaction.

Customers that purchase the U.S government coins can own tangible assets. People can also receive a legal tender inform of gold, silver, and platinum. If you purchase from U.S Money Reserve, you can be given paper certificates.


Duda Melzer: An Award Winning Entrepreneur

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer is an adept Brazilian businessperson with interest in the digital sector. He is currently the boss and board chair of RBS Group. He landed this senior position after working in different capacities, including the director general responsible for National Market Division, VP of Market and Business Development unit and the senior vice president. Duda has also founded some digital companies namely Wine.com.br e.Bricks Digital and e.Bricks Ventures. He is often invited to give talks at different forums in Brazil and beyond. These forums include events organized by the World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers, Brazilian Advertisers Association and the distinguished Institute of Business Studies.

Education and Previous Roles

In a report by Globo, he is a former scholar of the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul where he completed a degree in BA. Duda then furthered his BA course at Harvard University, graduating with a postgrad program. He undertook the Effective Strategies for Media Companies course at the globally revered Harvard University School of Business. Another executive course he undertook from the same institution was the Building and Leading Customer Centric Organizations. Duda Melzer was a franchisee in the Brazilian financial market. He gained international recognition as a master franchisor of Sweet Sweet Way. Duda also worked for Booz Allen Hamilton before moving to Delphi Corporation. He held the principal analyst post at Delphi and later as CEO role at the New York-headquartered Box Top Media.


According to Acaert, throughout his tenure at RBS Group, Duda Melzer has manifested a lot of expertise. His passion for well-led family businesses has seen him achieve more. He has received numerous accolades like the 2015 Merit in Management in the Private Sector Medal and the high-status 2015 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award. His name also featured in the prominent Cambridge Institute for Family Enterprise list of business executives in 2015.

Click here: http://eduardosirotskymelzer.com/


Doe Deere and Her Love for Color

Doe Deere has a skill in the world of business that emerged when she was only thirteen years old. During her first entrepreneurship endeavor, Doe Deere sold temporary tattoos to other girls at her school when she was thirteen years old. Explaining this teenage business experience to Guest of a Guest in an interview, Doe Deere said that she convinced her peers that temporary tattoos were acceptable to wear, and that they were actually pretty cool! Girls soon followed Doe Deere’s fashion statement of wearing temporary tattoos, as they purchased Doe’s business products. Although this childhood business experience was small and only sold throughout her school and neighborhood, it gave Doe Deere the opportunity to find that she was quite good at selling the products that she was interested in.

Following her dream for music, Doe Deere came to the United States of America when she was seventeen. Doe declared in an interview with Guest of a Guest that when she moved to America, she knew that she wanted to express her artistic side through music. Upon her arrival, Doe Deere joined a band. It was in this band that Doe Deere met the man who is now her husband. Their relationship not only consists of a marriage, but a business partnership as well, as they worked hard together in order to make Lime Crime come to life. Lime Crime gave Doe Deere another opportunity to popularize something unfamiliar, which may be the secret ingredient in Doe Deere’s success. Doe was able to find something unique that wasn’t easily found in the market of makeup. As a trendsetter, Doe was able to make statement makeup colors popular, creating a need for a product that wasn’t readily available…that is, until she created it herself.

Lime Crime is known for their bright shades that are one-of-a-kind. Consumers enjoy these pretty shades because the colors allow them to express themselves in a way that they haven’t before. Lime crime is also known for their cruelty-free promise on all of their beauty products, ensuring that no animals were harmed in the making of them. Importantly, Doe Deere’s company, Lime Crime, wishes to spread acceptance across society. Specifically, they want those who wear their products to feel comfortable in their own skin, as well as the makeup that they put on it. Uniqueness is something that we should all embrace, and Doe Deere fully agrees.

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The Mike Baur Effect On Startups

Being a successful entrepreneur and businessman comes with its own set of responsibilities. Mike Baur understood this even when he started his banking career at 16 years old, becoming one of the youngest apprentices at Union Bank of Switzerland. Working at this particular bank was a big deal, and often apprentices were given an entire timeline of expected promotions up until the day they retired. UBS was a career for most, yet for Baur it was a stepping stone. He worked for UBS from 1991 until 2008, breaking the expected timeline and looking to explore more compatible opportunities. The next stop in his life would bring him to Clariden Leu, where he worked for six years in a high ranking position. Like many of the visionaries in his field, Baur saw the changes that were taking place in the banking world and left in 2014. It was around this time that he became interested in giving back to the growing tech industry. He co-founded the Swiss Startup Factory with Max Meister in 2014, turning the ‘Incubator’ program into a promising tool for young Swiss entrepreneurs. It was the most successful program of its kind, and one that targeted a very important part of the industry.

With Baur’s guidance, the Swiss Startup Factory provides training, funding, mentoring and even office space to some of the brightest local minds. The assistance is generous, lasting up to three months with training. And in a climate where marketing can make or break a company, the educational process provided by Baur’s program is essential in guiding young minds in the right direction. In short, he found a way to raise the percentage of long term success in an area where many are expected to fail.

Baur didn’t shy away from hard work, and continued to improve the reach of the company. He was the juror on several contests that looked for potential upstarts. These pitching contests, many of them related to the START Summiteer, turned into the perfect platform for Baur. With his persistence, the Swiss Startup Factory gained even more recognition and credibility among the industry. Baur’s influence during this same time period is what led to him becoming the deputy managing director of CTI Invest. It was a familiar position with a completely different career trajectory, one that was put into motion by Baur himself. SSUF is diversified, modernized and independent, just like its co-founder Mike Bauer.



Create The Perfect Table Settings For Your Party

Your table settings are an important part of your party, but you do not have to stress yourself out trying to get your settings just right. There are many event planners in NYC who are willing to share tips for table settings, and this includes party planner Camille Styles. Use the following tips to create the perfect table settings for your party.


Less Is More: You do not have to go overboard to create the perfect table setting. You can create a modern but beautiful setting with simple pieces such as ribbon and cardstock. Start by tying the ribbon around napkins or utensils and placing them next to each plate. Use the cardstock to create name cards for each guest at the table. You can add a touch of nature by pairing elements such as bare branches and white votive candles.


Use The Favors: You can save money by using decorative pieces that double as party favors. Votive candles or small terra-cotta pots make great place settings or centerpieces, and your guests can take the pieces home at the end of the day.


A Place For The Kids: Your smaller guests need a place at the party, and this is why it is recommended to set up a table for the kids. Cover the table in plain or lightly colored butcher paper, and let the kids decorate it with crayons and colored pencils. You can even create a centerpiece of cupcakes, brownies or cookies.


There are many event planning companies in NYC that are ready to help with your event, and this includes Twenty Three Layers. The company was founded by Jessica Boskoff, Sarah Freedman and Lindsay Hayden, and these three women are experts in event and party planning.


Twenty Three Layers works hard to make sure your event is a success. The services include venue selection, lighting and floral design. You can also hire the company to build a menu, snap photographs and hire entertainment for your event.


You can hire personal or corporate event planners in NYC to help you create the perfect table settings for your party.


How Lori Senecal Became A Powerful Business Woman

When one looks at a business woman like Lori Senecal, they are going to see a lot of irony compared to what they are used to. One thing that people have become conditioned to look for in a leader is someone who is outspoken and is always very energetic. In other words, a leader, especially in the advertising industry, is going to command the attention of the audience. He is also going to be very eloquent and speak with a lot of power behind his words. With Lori Senecal, things are a little different. While she is still a powerful business woman, she is still someone who is a little unlike the stereotype of a leader.

This begs the question as to how this soft spoken leader managed to land her position in not only the latest job, CP+B. In order for one to look at how she has managed to hold her own as a leader, one must look no further than her work ethic. Lori Senecal is someone who has decided that she rather lead by example than just by words. She is very works oriented and will not put up with any nonsense. This is one of the reasons that the companies that she has taken over have gone through a lot of changes.

Lori is also someone who is very global minded. She thinks about advertising companies with not only how they can affect the community, but also how they can affect the world. She has always wanted to have a global reach with her advertising. This is one of the reasons that she has taken over the training of the workers so that they can be more efficient in what they are doing for their clients.Lori Senecal has always been someone who was more comfortable behind the scenes. At the same time, she has learned that being comfortable is not the best way to grow. She has spoken at various events and talked about her career and her companies while she was being interviewed. She has become very secure in who she is as a person.

Whitney Wolfe On Improving Dating Apps

When it comes to dating apps there are a lot of choices for singles to consider. Whitney Wolfe knows this because she has had a hand in building two of the most successful dating apps for the young millennials. She has proven in a short amount of time that she knows what single people are interested in, and she has brought this type of innovation to the app world.

Whitney Wolfe has done her best to make a dating app that men and women can appreciate because it’s different. It could have been easy for Whitney Wolfe to rely on her popularity from creating Tinder. She could have created an app that was the same as the Tinder app. She did make an app that was similar, but Bumble has a major tweak as an app that is different from the mainstream. With the Bumble app women are in place to make the first move.

The dating world has changed a lot in a short amount of time. What has not changed for most dating apps, is that the men are the ones that are holding the cards in many cases. What Whitney Wolfe has done is level the playing field and actually create what she refers to as a feminist dating app. This is quite impressive because it speaks volumes about the way that she was planning to change the dating world. She did not want to be another stagnant player in a dating app industry where all apps look the same.

Whitney Wolfe is Young, and she wanted to be an innovator. She wanted women to have a chance to see a world where they would actually be able to sort out who they were interested in and make the first move themselves. Singles appreciate this app innovation.

The Ohio Real Estate Guru, Tammy Mazzocco, Talks about Her Real Estate Career

Tammy Mazzocco was interviewed by Ideamensch early this year. She discussed many things among them her daily routine and career challenges. She also had some tips to share with upcoming entrepreneurs.

Tammy’s Daily Routine

Tammy begins her day by contemplating on the most vital things and then later focusing on her emails and phone calls. During the day, Tammy avoids things that she despises so that her day can remain positive. She revealed that before implementing an idea, she first conducts thorough research followed by a series of pre-testing procedures to be sure of its viability. Tammy expressed confidence in her convincing skills noting that she manages to persuade potential clients over the phone.

Tammy’s Advice to Entrepreneurs

According to Tammy, it is beneficial to break down entrepreneurial goals into small subsections. Her argument was that by so doing, an entrepreneur could set achievable timelines for each subsection, which is otherwise difficult. Too much seriousness is at times not healthy in business according to Tammy since it brings unnecessary fear of failure. http://www.spokeo.com/Tammy-Mazzocco

Tammy’s challenges and strategies she used to overcome them

Tammy’s main challenge during her early days in business was time management. She told a Facebook fan that she used to waste a lot of time discussing clients’ finances. It took her a lot of time researching and reading scripts from veteran real estate agents before she settled in the field.

About Tammy Mazzocco

Tammy Mazzocco was introduced to the real estate industry at the Edwards Realty Company where she was employed as a secretary. After leaving that company, she went on to work under Ken Cook at Scotland Yard Condominiums. Ken, who was a highly experienced realtor, was able to help Tammy to acquire a real estate agent’s license.

Tammy spent two years, between 1998 and 2000, in Columbus working as a personal assistant to Joe Armeni, who was at that time working as a RE/MAX producer. Two years later, she got a chance to break into the Ohio real estate industry when she joined Judy Gang &Associates in Pickerington. Since then, Mazzocco and Judy have been good business allies. View her full agnet profile on Homes.com.

WEN By Chaz Lets You Pamper Your Hair With Healthy Fortifying Botanicals

When it comes to WEN By Chaz’s no lather shampoos, you need to apply a substantial amount for massaging into the scalp and reaching every millimeter of your hair. In other words, don’t skimp on the product. These wonderfully healthy and natural cleansing conditioners create the ultimate washing experience for the hair.

Famous L.A. stylist to the stars Chaz Dean launched his WEN By Chaz hair care line to offer women a clear alternative. The regular shampoos purchased in drugstores and even high-end boutiques often contain numerous detergents that rob the hair of shine and eventually weaken the hair shaft.

WEN is different, uses proven ancient herbal and other plant-based extracts and bathes strands in a rich formula. The Wen.com product line has been designed to help hair of any texture in any condition, even bleached and breaking off.

Bustle beauty contributor Emily McClure was hoping to use WEN for one week to achieve Hollywood hair. Her own mane is limp, dull and fine, so she chose the WEN Fig cleansing conditioner for added moisture and luster.

Emily was afraid to use the adequate amount of product for her medium-length locks, so she only used a small amount. That was her major error, but her mane still came out looking gorgeous, manageable, soft and bouncy. Her hair selfies show the beautiful difference. Even her girlfriends wanted to know what Emily was using on her hair.

Emily discovered that WEN worked best for her when she washed with it every morning in the shower, followed by a blow-dry and heated styled tools. The look lasted for hours.

If Emily skipped a WEN wash, she believes her hair looked flatter. She advises staying on the daily AM wash and investing in the time to pamper your hair; the results are worth it.

For more hair care tips, subscribe to the Wen YouTube channel.

Need Wen? http://chazdean.com/store.aspx


How Sam Tabar Rose To The Top Of The Legal Industry

Sam Tabar is an accomplished attorney and financial executive based in New York City. Tabar graduated from Oxford University with a Bachelor of Arts degree with honors in 2000. He went on to join Columbia Law School where he earned his Master’s degree in Law.

Tabar worked as the associate editor of the Columbia Business Law Review while at Columbia. He joined Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meager & Flom as an associate after school. His role entailed offering advice on hedge fund formation, side letters, and investment management agreements.

Tabar joined PMA Investment Advisors as a Managing Director after working at the law firm for three years. He was responsible for overseeing several offices of the company including the ones in Tokyo, Hong Kong, and London. Read more: Ex-Merrill’s Tabar Joins Schulte Roth to Advise Hedge Funds

His responsibilities included managing a $2 billion hedge fund and executing a marketing plan that targeted high-net-worth individuals, family offices, and institutional investors. Sam Tabar made close to 500 investor introductions while he was there.

Tabar’s excellence led to his appointment as a Director and the head of capital strategy at the Bank of America Merrill Lynch in 2011. He is credited for setting up a Rolodex of more than a thousand investors during his time at the bank. Learn more about Sam Tabar: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0845880/

Sam Tabar left Merrill Lynch to join Adanac LLC as its director in 2012. He made investments in properties and startup companies such as Verboten and Thinx while he was here.

He stayed at Adanac for a year before becoming a Senior Associate at Schulte Roth & Zabell LLP in New York. Tabar is currently involved with startup companies. He is the COO of Full Cycle Energy Fund and the CFO of Awearable Apparel.

Tabar’s interests are in traveling and hosting events. His Instagram posts usually revolve around these two areas. He also posts funny pictures and videos that keep his audience engaged. Tabar has worked in the legal sector and the financial sector.

He has amassed more than a decade of experience working in the two fields. This has made him a well-rounded individual. Tabar can offer expert advice and consultancy services that are both sound and compliant with the law.