2 Ways Eucatex Green Products Improve Indoor Air Quality

Most of us feel safer indoors, right? We hear so much about environmental pollution, and our first thought is outside air, but what about indoor air quality. From our first inhale to our last gasp, we’re continuously breathing, but our indoor air can harbor serious pollutants. In fact, federal scientists rank indoor air quality as a vital environmental problem. The CEO of the Eucatex Group is working to change that outcome.

“Indoor air pollution can cause eye and throat irritation in the long term, and respiratory problems even cancer over time,” says Flavio Maluf on his Twitter, CEO of the Eucatex Group. “The most vulnerable end up suffering the most,” adds Maluf in an article on Brazil’s chemical industry. Understanding and diminishing sources of indoor air pollutants can make a big improvement in the home’s overall health. To start, there are two easy ways to clean up your indoor air;

1. Install Eco-flooring

Buy products made from renewable raw materials. They are sustainable, and environmentally and socially responsible, not to mention healthier. You can also be socially responsible by paying attention to the proper disposal of your old floor coverings. Many carpets appear to provide a cozy and relaxing residential feel but may contain residues of pesticides and adhesives that are absorbed through the air or into the skin.

2. Use Low-VOC Paint

These paints contain very little or zero petrochemical resins. Low-voc paints are more durable than traditional options, and less harmful to human health. They contain minuscule levels of heavy metals and many contain an ingredient that absorbs volatile organic compounds keeping them contained.

Eucatex has helped change the rules of the game by developing products that help keep people and the planet safe. Flavio Maluf has been quoted as saying in finance articles, everyone needs to let go of the status quo and embrace products that keep the planet moving forward.

Flavio Maluf is not only an advocate for environmental sustainability, but also a community leader and architect of innovative vision. As chairman and CEO of the Eucatex Group, Flavio has diversified the company product line to include flooring, paints, doors, wall partitions, panels, and more. His commitment to Eucatex strong ecological traditions, plus a determination to keep his focus on customer-oriented values have shown him to be an effective leader for over a decade.

After earning his baccalaureate degree at Brazil’s FAAP, then complimenting his education with a year at New York University, Flavio returned to Brazil to learn the family business. His need for change led to the appointment as CEO of Eucatex in 2005, and his enthusiastic approach to dominating the eco-industry has become a quiet revolution for success.

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