How Bad Does George Soros Think The Migrant Crisis In Europe Is?

Migrants are coming into Europe every day from the middle east on because they are fleeing the tyranny and persecution of groups that they cannot fight. These people are running for their lives into Europe, and they are looking for ways to live a new life in one of the many countries that are in the European Union. George Soros has tried to keep his eye on the situation, and he wants to make sure that he tells people how it should really be. Turning away all the refugees will not work, and telling them all to go somewhere else does not work. The countries that take on refugees have to be willing to pay, and they need to pay for the right things at the right times.

George Soros spends a lot of his on currency, but he also knows how much debt a lot of European countries. These countries are afraid they are going to be in more debt because they are taking on refugees, but they have a much better chance of getting what they need if they welcome everyone.

The people who are trying to make it to countries in Europe are willing to get jobs and work on opening their own businesses. The culture in the middle east is very much based on hard work, and it is based on people respecting each other. These refugees on are prepared to respect the places where they go, and they want to add something to the community that is not already there. Every person that starts contributing is going to be paying taxes, and that is going to increase revenue for every country in the EU.

The countries in EU will pay some money today, but they will keep getting it back every year when they are getting more back in taxes. George Soros has been watching how debt is taking over Europe, and he wonders how long these countries are going to wait until they are willing to spend their money the right way. A simple plan that offers assistance to people who come into the country will help them get a new life started, and these countries could have thousands of new citizens. Visit Open Society Foundations website to know more about George Soros.

They need to be given a chance to make their way to the people they know, and these tiny communities are going to make more money for every country. George Soros knows that he is going to have to talk to a lot of world leaders who do not understand this because they are afraid of refugees. He thinks that every leader in Europe can have a better take on this, and they are going to have to make changes to their own policies so that there is no reason to turn away anyone who is fearing for their life.

Laidlaw & Company Announcement of Executives Promotions

Bryan Kobel is Selected as the Managing Director in Equity Capital Markets of Laidlaw & Company

Bryan Kobel is excited about his recent promotion to Managing Director with Laidlaw & Company, Ltd on January 12th, 2016. Mr. Kobel is credited for creating the presence of the law firm in the United States trading markets. He joined the firm in 2012 after leaving Alliance Advisors, LLC as the vice president. James Ahern, Managing Partner and Head of Capital Markets told PR Newswire that Kobel played an important role in building up the firm in the U.S. from the beginning and looks forward to his initiatives of expanding Europe’s capital markets.

Mr. Kobel and Richard Michalski, Senior Managing Director of Wealth Management were selected by Laidlaw Executives to help further infrastructure construction and expansion of investment portfolios. Bryan Kobel has previous experience as an investment advisor and has held executive positions. While Mr. Kobel served as the Vice President of Capital Markets at Laidlaw & Company (UK) Ltd., he helped their client, Aspen Group raise $2 million in October 2013.

Laidlaw & Company is a SEC and FINRA registered investment advisor and banking firm with locations in the United Kingdom and United States. Mr. Kobel and Mr. Michalski have more than 20 years of combined experience managing high net worth investments and providing advisory services. Kobel has proven his ability to raise capital for their clients, such as Aspen through placement of financial institutions and high net worth investors. According to PR Newswire, he successfully expanded Laidlaw & Company clientele portfolios in the U.S. capital markets and is working in the Europe to make those markets available to European investors.


Who Is White Shark Media?

White Shark Media is a top of the line marketing company who has catapulted the marketing industry because of their approach to business and advertising. The best thing about this company is their versatile approach that helps deliver results, but they weren’t always this successful.

It took them time in order to see change develop within their brand. Having dealt with angry customers at some point, it took them time to learn from their mistakes and see what it is that they struggled with. White Shark Media is by far one of the best marketing agencies because they have learned from their mistakes from scratch.

White Shark Media is ultimately more than ready to start getting your brand and company up and running in the right direction. They truly know and understand what they are doing and what they are capable of.

Glass Door authoritatively gathered that the company was once at a very struggling position because they didn’t know how to best work with clientele. The truth is that White Shark Media works very closely nowadays with their talent and professionals. In fact, they work closely with them in a way that their consultants can help give weekly, monthly, or even daily updates if they are needed to the client to better help assess their needs.

The Youtube video says that working mainly in Pay Per click advertising, they know how to get a brand seen by all the right people via the search engines and in other marketing platforms. The best thing to think about with this company is that they know and understand how to reach out and get your brand seen by your target audience.

Their understanding in the world of marketing expands farther than you think. White Shark Media is definitely a very successful brand that can work with a company from the ground up to build a professional presence that delivers results.

If you need more opt-ins, more customers, more viewers, or even just more chances of being seen by a more targeted audience daily, they can help you out no matter what kind of budget you may have. Their understanding of different marketing strategies means they can help get you on the right path and help you grow in the right place.

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With CEO Shaygan Kheradpir Coriant Upgrades Key Systems

Coriant has operations and customers throughout the world across 100 countries. The company builds custom networks and other computing infrastructures that client companies build their information processing services upon. These days Coriant has a new CEO and a new direction in upgrades. The man moving the action forward is new CEO Shaygan Kheradpir. The goal is to provide their clients with new technologies that make business processing speed significantly faster while also making it less interruptible by systems down time.

Kheradpir will address issues with clients lagging behind with older, slower, and less reliable systems technology. These clients include government agencies, industrial manufacturers, and all sorts of commerce. His plan is to upgrade all of their networks and computing services to cloud technology and Packet-Optical Transport Systems (POTS). Not only does POTS provide much higher speeds of data transfer, they are also very fault-tolerant. So, recovery from failures can be effected while normal operations are still maintained. To get things going he has laid out goals with measurable milestones.

Coriant has supplied systems integration with products from major suppliers for over 35 years. Some of the suppliers they use include Tellabs, Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN), and Sycamore Networks corporation. Their clients include clouds, data centers, fixed-line providers, and content producers. Many of the leading Communications Service Providers (CSPs) rely on Coriant services. Not only will these new upgrades bring solutions with less headaches, they will also reduce operating costs.

As well as CEO, Shaygan Kheradpir is also Coriant’s board Chairman. The company benefits from his 28 years in the industry, where he has gained valuable insight into networking, telecoms, and finance. His executive position while managing the $20 million FiOS nation-wide implementation of fiber for Verizon is one of his major accomplishments. At GTE he was also in an executive role.

Kheradpir has a Ph.D from Cornell University, where he also earned his Masters. He has a BS in engineering and at that time was part of the advisory board at Cornell’s Engineering Council.

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FreedomPop Says They Can Be Everyone’s Alternative

FreedomPop is trying to be the best in the cell phone industry by doing things completely differently, and their CEO talked to Mobile World Live about how his company has the right option for everyone without falling into the traps of much bigger companies. The traps that people fall into make them pay a lot of money, and they do not get much service for what they paid for. FreedomPop charges nothing for its cheapest plan, and it charges next to nothing for the other plans. People who want to spend less can start doing that today, and they will see a difference.

FreedomPop is a company that does not have a lot of overhead and other things that it has to pay for just to get by every month. They can afford to have people using their service for a small amount of money, and they also know that they are going to be able to get more customers because their plans are so cheap on the whole.

There are even more people who are going to love the fact that they can get a cheap phone that only does the things they need it to do without having to do anything else. They need to make sure that they are spending less, and they are going to get that when they are working with FreedomPop because there are no surprises with FreedomPop. This is really the only way that people are going to be able to spend less on a cell phone, and it will drive more people to FreedomPop.

FreedomPop is the only service that people will need to get cheap phones. They have positioned themselves to offer lower prices, and they will inherently have more customers. The company is becoming the wave of the future, and their CEO can see how much potential they have. FreedomPop is one or two steps away from being the best option in the industry.

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CCMP Capital: How To Select A Reliable Investment Firm

Are you wondering how to go about finding or choosing the right investment firm or expert for your needs? Want to consult with a reputable investment firm regarding private equity investment? Perhaps you have heard about CCMP Capital and the wide variety of quality investment solutions the company provides.

CCMP Capital is a renowned investment firm in Wall Street. CCMP Capital specializes in buyouts and growth equity transactions. The company also provides many other investment and financial services and has numerous satisfied clients around the world.

If you are serious about achieving great success and financial freedom in the private equity investment field, it is imperative that you get in touch with the investment experts at CCMP Capital as soon as possible.

When you consult with CCMP Capital investment advisors, they will go over your financial documents and assess your situation before recommending any investment opportunity. These experts are dedicated to ensuring complete customer satisfaction and they want the best for you. Any investment advisor who is overly aggressive in pushing a potential client toward certain investment decisions is not trustworthy or reliable.

It is important to always check the background of an investment firm and their professionals before deciding to do business with them. A thorough background check and research will reveal how reliable and reputable the firm has been. You will also want to perform a general online search for the financial advisor and the firm he or she works with.

With CCMP Capital, you are in good hands. The company has a proven track record and has earned a great reputation in the industry. Clients from all over the world are always praising CCMP Capital for their outstanding financial and investment solutions.

Although there are many financial management and investment firms out there, CCMP Capital is your clear choice. To learn more about CCMP Capital and their team of investment and financial experts, simply go to their website and check out the vast range of services.

Stephen  Murray CCMP Capital was President and Chief Executive Officer. As a reputable and highly dedicated professional, Stephen was responsible for countless success stories in the private equity investment arena. His clients included institutions, large companies, business owners, entrepreneurs, wealthy individuals and many others investors. Stephen cared about the success of his clients and he took the time to advise and guide his clients to their desired level of success. Stephen Murray passed away on March 12, 2015, at the age of 52 according to the NY Post.

Why Reputation Management Is Important

Melissa Click, a University of Missouri assistant professor, was caught on film acting inappropriately. One mistake ruined her reputation and she almost lost her job but Status Labs came to her rescue.


Viral video shows that Melissa threatened student journalists by calling for muscle to remove them from the protests.

According to report, Melissa was trying to promote or encourage violence when the incident was caught on camera. Her reputation was ruined when the video went viral.


Since then, Professor Click has been placed on suspension while an investigation is going on. She has been charged with assault, a criminal offense. Although it’s possible Melissa can avoid prosecution if she completes community service and complies with other requirements, her reputation has already suffered tremendous damage.


In order to repair her damaged reputation, Melissa needed the expert services of reputation management firms. She embarked on a reputation repair campaign by getting in touch with Status Labs, a top rated reputation management firm, for help.


In fact, most people read online reviews in order to decide whether to trust a professional or business. With more and more people making purchasing decisions or forming opinions based on online reviews and comments, a few negative comments or posts can have a tremendous impact on a person’s profile and reputation.


Status Labs comes recommended in the industry, and has been in business for a long time. Status Labs has an established history of providing excellent services. The company has clients from all walks of life and is regarded as a leading reputation management firm. The company works with highly qualified and dedicated digital marketing and search engine optimization specialists.
Status Labs has achieved immense outcomes helping clients get rid of damaging comments and posts online and can help you repair your personal or professional reputation.

Defector Yeonmi Park goes Toe to Toe with Pyongyang

If you haven’t heard of Yeonmi Park yet then you likely won’t stay ignorant of her for long. Yeonmi Park is the porcelain skinned, doll eyed defector from North Korea that has begun to simply make waves in the rings surrounding North Korea and all of its oppressive nature. Park of the Young Voices Advocates is a defector who escaped the country as a young girl and in doing so she survived and endured hardships that people of the West will have trouble fathoming. Thanks to her courageous spirit she is becoming a leader in the fight for human rights the world over, according to

Yeonmi Park will tell you with little fanfare that she never understood or even learned of the concept of ‘freedom’ until after escaping North Korea. The rule of law was handed down by the regime and citizens in North Korea did everything they were told in order to escape the sort of gruesome punishments that the dictatorship could dream up. Park told people of the One Young World Summit that she never sang or wore pretty clothing. She went on to tell people that she never even spoke her opinions out loud, even alone, due to the pervasive fear that the regime was spying from everywhere.

Since escaping North Korea and making her way to South Korea she has become a lightning rod of criticism in Pyongyang. North Korea has been doing all that they can do discredit her tale and the veracity with which they are going after her makes it all the more apparent that her words are ringing true. Pyongyang has published melodramatic video smear campaigns against Yeonmi Park with their latest being, “The Puppet of the Human Rights Plot”. Perhaps the scariest thing about that title is North Korea’s disconnect and belief that human rights MUST be nefarious.

Yeonmi Park recently released a book on Amazon titled, “In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom“. In the book Park details, step by step, her harrowing escape from North Korea and her years spent as a slave in the world of human trafficking.