WhiteShark Media Customer Complaint FAQ

For the numerous years that White Shark Media has been around, we have received countless favorable reviews. However, we haven’t been without our share of negative criticism either. Only years of experience can allow a company to start from scratch that will produce little to no complaints from customers.

Through mistakes that come through trial-and-error, we have been able to learn from some of the feedback that would allow us to improve. We have paid for some errors in the past, but have managed to come back as a better service each time.

Here are some of our common complaints that customers have:

“I’ve lost touched with my AdWords campaign”

This one hurt us a lot. White Shark Media realized that we were setting up small business owners to fail due to not setting up proper reporting procedures. Now we prevent this by letting each individual client know every detail about what is going on. When you know your campaign before it takes off, you’ll be more likely to have an idea of where you want to take it.

“I don’t feel like the communication is good enough.”
Our most vital task is communicating. This task is as equally as important as delivering adequate results to our customers. In our early days, getting in contact with clients was more difficult, and was often done through a receptionist.  Learn more about White Shark Media Complaints:

We can now prevent this with a new communications procedure. One time each month, or at the client’s discretion, they may review statistics from the past month. We allow this by using GoToMeeting, a web conference tool. This was highly received by customers who had been working with us before we enacted this new policy.

“I would love it if you offered SEO services”
We don’t have any plans for search engine optimization services at this time. his doesn’t mean that we are unable to differentiate between a good SEO company and a bad one. If you want to prevent financial loss at the hands of SEO vendors, we would love to take a look at any SEO suggestions that you had in mind. You can contact the SEM Strategist, and they will ask a member of our senior staff to approve it.

Greater and Better Business Bureau Accreditation for Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies managed to meet the seven well-laid standards successfully for BBB accreditation which encompasses a business to engage in clear and honest advertising, build and maintain the trust, keep the promises, stay committed to integrity, be truthful and transparent in its dealings and safeguard the business privacies as well as being responsive.
Securus Technologies met all these standards through the resolution of the various complaints filed against the business, duration of time the business had been operational, response to the number of filled complaints against the firm among others, and this implied that Securus Technology was offering competent services and with an excellent product quality.

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Securus purchases JPay Inc

JPay Inc is a technological company that came up with many technological advances such as apps for education and entertainment to the correction space which is operational in many prison systems, JPay also came up with tablets and electronic payments and is broadly known as the leading provider of payments to the inmates. Securus Technologies through stock purchase agreement managed to acquire this company a bid that ranked them as one of the fastest growing and the best in corrections.

Securus Technologies releases GTLs’ Integrity breaches

After making an official announcement to uncover in factual findings in a PR Newswire released article about wrongdoings of Global Tel Link, GTL, a company that is an inmate communications provider, Securus Technologies went ahead with their pursuit in a bid to highlight and bring to limelight the wrongdoings of Global Tel Link. Securus America Technologies tabled its findings and noted that GTL made the customers incur extra cost in their hiked call rates against the stipulated tariffs.

It was also keen on adding extra seconds to the standard calls for the phones which were used in the correctional organizations making the individuals pay more for less and that the call charges kept varying with some them being overrated.

Read more: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/securus-presents-to-over-400-prisonjail-customers-since-grand-opening-of-technology-center-300260314.html


Dick Devos, a Philanthropist Who Cares Deeply About the Critical Role of Arts in Our Society

Arts are crucial parts of public education, ranging from visual arts, theatre, music, and dance. The art gives us a unique way to express and capture our emotions and passions. Arts allow us to explore new ideas and culture and bring joy in every aspect of our life.


It has been proven, not only arts education broaden students understanding of the world around them, but also enhance their understanding on traditional academics. Arts integrate learning and life for all students, and it forms an integral part of whole-person development. We must continue to find platforms for arts and partnership, for not only what it teaches our children’s but also for what for the role it plays in teaching us all about the world we live in.


John F. Kennedy Centre for the Performing Arts is one of the greatest platforms of arts. The centre was opened in 1971, and it is the busiest art facility across United State. The facility features a wealth of arts and performance, which include dance, jazz, folk music, ballet, orchestral, theatre, in addition to multi-media performance that cater for all ages. In a year, the Centre hosts more than 2000 performance and about 3 million visitors. Most of the visitors are schoolchildren in community outreach and education programs. The Centre represents an excellent way to which we can support artist and creation of art.


In 2013, the Centre announced an expansion plan of about $100 million. The plan includes construction of three new pavilions and a pedestrian bridge that will link Potomac River waterfront to the Centre. Moreover, the project includes dedicated classroom space, rehearsal space, and multipurpose rooms. The pavilions are to be built with Carrara marble and translucent Okalux light diffusing insulated glass. The fact that the project will be funded through donations sends a strong message of shared passions for arts in our community and the country.


Recently it was announced the goal for planned expansion had brown past its fundraising goal and upped its target by another $50 million. However, philanthropist such as Dick Devos, who earlier donated $22.5 million to the Centre to continue with its noble work of teaching arts have made more donations, and they are committed to seeing the project come to completion by 2018. I am thrilled to see people who have a keen interest in Kennedy Centre. It is blessing to have Americans such as Devos who cares deeply about the critical role of arts in our society.

Doe Deere the Makeup and Fashion Pioneer


Who is Doe Deere? Only one of the youngest CEO’s in the makeup and fashion industry. A Russian born, New York City raised industrious entrepreneur has made it very easy to break fashion and makeup rules. This is one of the things she’s known for. She’ll tell you, right there on her site, several things to do that are against the “rules” so to speak. She’ll tell you and show you in what she does with herself out there in the public eye just what she means. Wear a bold eye and bold lip color! Wear plaid with stripes as long as it matches color and so on and so on!

The Pioneering Doe Deere

In 2008 Doe developed Lime Crime. This was the personal makeup line she invented. This was because she could not find makeup that was bright enough to match the clothing line she was hand creating and selling on E bay. The following year she launched the Unicorn brand lipsticks which were the very first radical colors of their kind to go out into the market. Then, in 2012, the Velveteen makeup line appeared; becoming popular in the liquid matte makeup arena.

Her Cruelty-Free Stance

Her makeup has been 100% cruelty-free with no animal testing. It has been that way from the beginning. Some of her product lines were also vegan friendly and today, her brand is reformulated to fit the vegan bill. Doe oversees all the makeup creations she comes up with. She is more than involved with every step of the process. You will always see Doe wherever her products are showcased, she is truly her brand. She has a positive hold on the beauty industry. She is one who encourages young female entrepreneurs to do what they daydream about. She never gave up on her dream even though it seemed a hard road, she’s made it. Doe is one of the greatest inspirations of our time and you can tell with any interaction with Doe that she truly cares about women and entrepreneurship and will continue to shape the fashion world going forward.