Traveling Vineyard Wines

The Rewards of Participating in The Traveling Vineyard Wines Program and Becoming a Licensed Consultant

Rick Libby, Chief Executive Officer of The Traveling Vineyard, a company based in Ipswich, MA hosted the first at-home wine tasting event in Tampa, FL. He established the business in 2001 and uses direct sales marketing and business models designed to recruit consultants and attract customers.

The basic concept is hosting a home tasting event and serving guests with a selection of The Traveling Vineyard wines. Mr. Rick Libby provides Independent Traveling Vineyard Consultants with opportunities to earn supplemental or full-time income and other rewarding benefits.

The way The Traveling Vineyard Wines Program works is to first sign-up to become a licensed Independent Consultant, also known as wine guides. Wine guides receive extensive training, support, and tools to direct sales marketing after joining the program. They are assigned leaders in the regions at-home tasting party events are being held to respond to questions and mentor new guides. A guide is there through the complete training process providing support and tips on how to efficiently host home tasting parties. All guides have access to the online training center, The Tasting Room which includes the company’s modules; Introduction to Traveling Vineyard Wines, Team Building Instructions, Tasting Event Videos, and Business Growth Strategy.

Some of the best benefits of becoming a wine guide and independent licensed consultant are financial rewards, work schedule flexibility, and low overhead expenses. Explore all the rewards after joining The Traveling Vineyard Wines Program and join the fun annually at the Harvest Conference. The conference is held each year bringing together hundreds of consultants and wine guides to have plenty of fun enjoying a costume competition, wine tasting, and dancing. The yearly event hosts training sessions to help wine guides enhance their skills in business development and entrepreneurship.

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Arthur Becker: An Experienced Biotech and Real Estate Business Technocrat

Arthur Becker is the Managing Board Member of Madison Partners, LLC, a real estate and Bio-Tech firm. Becker was the former Chairman/CEO of Zinio, LLC, having served from 2012 to 2015. Before working at Zinio, Arthur was the chief executive officer of NaviSite, a company that provided Internet hosting services to businesses in the U.S., UK, and India. Arthur was also a senior advisor to Vera Wang – a fashion company for seven years. He had invested in technology and real estate since 2011 when Time Warner bought NaviSite.

Managing Madison Limited

Arthur Becker became extremely engaged in his work while at NaviSite and later at Zinio. He chose to expand his development interests by constructing condos in New York and Miami. The exposure in biotech companies got him fascinated in the sizeable economic opportunities; that’s when Madison Partners was formed. He saw the potential to make a significant impact on people’s lives.

Arthur operates on a flexible schedule; he is concentrating on a current project, the completion of Town Houses on Sullivan Street in New York and afterward, he intends to build a luxury condominium in Tribeca, reports the Real He brings ideas to life when working with people that he respects, experts, and other talents — in technology or real estate. Becker is intrigued by the trends in biotech, mostly in cancer treatment.

One habit that makes Becker more productive as a capitalist in companies that have been successful is the bond between the management, which is critical to the success of any business. His ability to evaluate and help out in the growth of the management talent has been a key factor in the successes he has enjoyed. If he was to start again, Becker believes that his construction business of restructuring 18th-century buildings would have been an excellent idea rather than completing his graduate studies because he believes that he would have enjoyed the training and experience.

Becker ( believes the best advice to other entrepreneurs is to stay informed, be flexible in strategy, listen to peers, and study the market. Another strategy that has helped grow his business is talent. Identify the talent, persuade talented people to believe in your business vision and then lead them in its implementation.

Believing in The Potential of a New Product

A lot of thought has to go into a product before it can be released to the public. The amount of thought depends on the type of product and the purpose behind it. While some products are similar to older products, there are some products that come along every once in a while in order to bring something completely new to the table for customers. These products tend to be the ones that make the most money and change the world the most. Among the people that typically come up with such life changing products is Bob Reina, CEO of Talk Fusion.

Bob Reina has looked closely at technology and has seen where it can go. However, he was not just looking for technological advancements just for the sake of advancing technology. He has looked at the benefits it could bring people who use these products. Among the type of products he has developed and offered to the users was Video Email back in 2004. He has seen that there is a lot of potential for Video Email and that it could make a huge difference in marketing for a lot of online businesses. Bob Reina has changed the marketing landscape with Talk Fusion.

Bob Reina has later on developed Talk Fusion, which was the next big hit. It has been such a hit with many people that he has gone on to enjoy a lot of the success. However, he has thought about people and their needs. One of the issues that was happening at the time was the lack of jobs. Fortunately, Bob Reina has seen that a lot of entrepreneurs could use help in bringing their business to higher success levels. After all, it is the entrepreneurs that have large businesses that can offer jobs to people. Therefore, Talk Fusion was designed to make marketing and communicating a lot easier for people. Bob Reina has improved marketing for a lot of businesses throughout his career.