Reliable Financial Institution

Nexbank is well recognized in the financial services and banking industry. This prominent bank offers top notch features and services to customers.

Different financial institutions have different features and services, and even different checking or savings accounts within the same financial institution. You will discover that some banks charge monthly maintenance fees while others offer free checking accounts.

One of the most important features you’ll need to look for is whether the bank you’re considering is one that has both a physical location and online option. Most banks nowadays offer Internet banking, meaning that you can log into your account and do your banking from anywhere you want.

Nexbank gives you access to a wide variety of online banking features that let you do transaction anytime, anywhere from your computer. This features is great for individuals that live a hectic lifestyle.

With a little research, most people won’t have a hard time selecting a reputable bank. It is extremely important to consider reputation, and range of financial products and features before choosing a bank.

When it comes to opening a bank account in Dallas, Texas, Nexbank is your clear choice. Nexbank has been delivering top quality financial solutions to customers and comes highly recommended. The bank has countless customers and clients, including individuals, organizations, establishments and entrepreneurs.

Nexbank devotes a sizeable share of their resources to improving its community. Nexbank helps the community by raising funds for college students, establishing a safe capital foundation, or through investing in real estate.

Nexbank employs some of the most knowledgeable and experience banking and financial professionals in the industry and is committed to ensuring complete satisfaction of their customers. If you are a resident of Dallas and are looking for a reliable financial institution, you need to check out Nexbank.

Goals of of the Whitney Wolfe Bumble BFF

Whitney Wolfe is the founder of dating app, Bumble. Bumble implements an approach that puts women in charge of dating cycle, unlike others where men command the dating process. Whitney is a graduate of Southern Methodist University. She has expanded the dating site to include other non-dating interactions among women. She has created the Bumble BFF app, which aims at bringing more interactions among women, allow them to meet up and form friendships. Currently, Whitney Wolfe is in the process of launching BumbleBizz in the US with the intention of targeting business people interactions.

Bumble BFF is similar to dating app Bumble but unlike Bumble this is strictly just friendships and not meeting dating partners. Just like Bumble, it allows you to swipe the options it selects for you. To install Bumble BFF you first download Bumble dating app and then switch to BFF mode. Bumble will first reveal your male dating matches but upon switching to BFF mode the male matches are replaced with female ones. Then, just like Bumble, you will swipe right to connect with the matches you like. The person on the other end will have the option to respond back with a swipe and after that, you will have 24hours to message the person. Failure to message within timeframe will lead to a disappearance of the match.

To avoid confusion between the two platforms while in action, the app will color code itself “yellow” when on the dating mode, and “green” while on the BFF mode. Whitney Wolfe created Bumble BFF due to public requests. Users wanted to be able to reach out to same sex friends the same they did while looking for male dating partners. Another reason was the demographic factor. Women who had moved to new locations wanted a way of creating new friends using the app. This prompted her to add extra features to existing Bumble BFF.

Apart from the public pressure, Whitney Wolfe too had gone through the same experiences in her life. After completing college. In a span of a few years, she had lived in six cities. All this time she was ever busy in her work obligations and hardly got time to establish meaningful friendships. She realized that Bumble BFF idea actually addressed her own problems.

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James Dondero Puts a Smile on Hippo-Lovers’ Faces by Funding Their Come-Back to Dallas Zoo

After more than a decade of waiting, hippos have finally made their much-anticipated return to the Dallas Zoo. This comes following a year’s long construction and a four-year planning that finally hatched the $14 million worth, 2.1 Acres Simmons Hippos Post. This habitat features a 24*8 ft. magnificent window that allows guests to have a spectacular view of the crystal waters of the 120, 000-gallon waterhole. The conservation sanctuary serves as a facility for creating environmental awareness: Efforts that naturally speak on behalf of this 3rd largest, globally renowned mammal.

The two hippos, Adhama and his female counterpart, Biopelo were acquired from the Albuquerque Bio-Park. The return of this mammals received high reception, after the sole hippo fondly known as Okapi, died in 2001. The revival of the Dallas Zoo’s Simmons Hippo Outpost project-launch fund was donated by the Harold Simmons Foundation.

Additionally, Highland Capital Management Lp, headed by James Dondero, was another generous donor who contributed $1,000,000. The fund was mainly used in the development of a 4.485 ft. Squared Lodge, which is purposed for use for educational excursions and private occasions. This donation by HCM Lp. is but one of a litany of charitable deeds the organization has expended toward community development projects.

Other Donations

James Dondero’s organization spends more than $3 million every year on several charitable organizations. In addition to the Dallas Zoo contribution, the Highland Capital Management has contributed generously to institutions such as Perot Museum of Nature & Science, The George W. Bush Presidential Library, The American Heart Association and the Center for Brain Health.

There is more! The James Dondero-Administration at Highland also takes the unspoken role of inputting their knowledge and experience to offer guidance and direction to the institutions that they support, through leadership programs and other critical services. In fact, Mike Rawlings finds James Dondero philanthropic enterprises as nothing more or short of inspiring.

Why Dallas Zoo?

Rawlings highly regards the staff at Highland owed to their commitment and efforts towards the dispensation of worthy causes like environment conservation. “My firm is committed to investing in the Dallas Community by supporting organizations that serve Dallas through unique societal influence. Dallas Zoo is the sort of institution that Highland Capital is happy to help,” said James Dondero.

Desiree Perez Brings Her Hardball Negotiating Skills To Roc Nation Deal

With a reputation for hardball negotiations, Desiree Perez has built a reputation as one of the leading executives in the music and entertainment industry. Roc Nation signed a deal with the Live Nation group in 2008 to give the live performance giant a stake in the recorded music industry for the first time; the $150 million deal is set to end in 2018 with both sides given the chance to either sell their stake in Roc Nation, buy out their partner, or simply walk away from the deal and allow the other party to negotiate with another investor.  More to read on

The management collective of Roc Nation has recently begin negotiating with various music industry groups in a bid to bring in a new level of investment to replace that lost at the close of the Live Nation deal. Desiree Perez has been given the role of negotiating alongside Roc Nation founder Jay-Z to find a new deal, with the pair making their first stop in Santa Monica, California as they began discussions over a new recording deal with Universal Music Group head Sir Lucian Grainge.  See for additional article.

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Desiree Perez has been the leading figure at SC Enterprises for more than 20 years and has been a major part of the Roc Nation leadership collective that has been developing the brand since its inception. For her timeline activity update, hit on   Roc Nation leader Des Perez has become well known as the leading figure in the accounting and negotiating side of the Roc Nation business, including the development of the company’s commercial tie-ins that have been built around the ability of Desiree Perez to create the best possible deal for artists such as Rihanna, who has built an important affinity with Desiree Perez over the course of the last few years.  Check for related article here.

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Matthew Autterson: Leading Chartered Financial Institutions his own Way

Matthew Autterson is known as a towering personality in chartered financial institutions as he led Resources Trust Company to one of the largest depository trust and state chartered companies in the country. He has more than 25 years of experience in financial services industry, and that helped him to lead the firm with greater confidence even when the market is down or facing severe setbacks. Autterson started his career with First Trust Corporation, one of the subsidiaries of Fiserv. He left the firm in 1982 and collaborated with a small team of executives to set up Resources Trust Company as a subsidiary of Integrated Resources, Inc., a New York-based financial servicing firm.

Under the leadership of Autterson, the new firm worked as a Colorado State chartered company. He became the President of the company in 1986. His later years with Resources Trust Company saw quick transition of the firm, its ownership, and structure. In 1989, Broad Inc acquired Resources Trust Company and its assets and finally got acquired by AIG in 1998. After three years, the ownership of the firm transferred to Fiserv. By then, Resources Trust Company became the largest FDIC-insured depository and state-chartered trust companies in the United States, under the leadership of Autterson. Until that day, the firm offered custodial and depository services to at least 200,000 customers through its 15,000 independent financial advisors.

Autterson’s long-term strategies helped the company to register custodial assets worth more than $20 billion and deposits of over $1 billion. The company also has more than 700 highly-qualified and committed employees. Autterson is known for various philanthropic endeavors that are expecting to add values in the health care sector. He is on the boards of Falci Adaptive Biosystems, a non-profit group working to help people struggling with neuromotor disabilities by offering options that advance their capabilities to control and communicate with their environment. The organization collaborates with various medical centers and engineering experts to develop technologies that embody adaptive and rehabilitation systems.

Matthew Autterson also serves on the boards of the Denver Zoological Foundation, Denver Zoo, and the Webb-Waring Foundation. He is the Chairman of the Denver Hospice board of directors; it is a leading palliative care, integrative therapies, and hospice care center in the region. Autterson was also the member of the World Presidents Organization and Young Presidents Organization. Currently, he is the Chief Executive Officer, President, and board member of CNS Bioscience, Inc., a firm founded in 2013, for developing drugs to treat neuropathic pain.