Rocketship Education, Helping Spread Love Through Core Vaules

Usually when children write what they are thankful for in school, its around the time of Thanksgiving. However, students at Rocketship Education were writing what they were thankful for in the month of February. Even though its not a holiday, students at Rocketship Education are taught that they should find something to be positive for each and everyday throughout their lives. Rocketship Education has several core values at heir school. Showing gratitude is one of their newest core values. The students celebrated the new core value by writing what they are thankful for. The younger children even drew pictures to illustrate what they are thankful for in their lives.

At Rocketship Education the word gratitude is no longer just a word that you can find in the dictionary. The school now looks at the word as something that brings so much emotion when they think about the word. For Rocketship Education staff members and students, their core values are shown outside of school and in school as well. Core values is not just something that is practiced at school, core values become a way of life for everyone who is a part of Rocketship Education.

If you’ve never heard of Rocketship Education, they are a public charter school. The school has been bring unique education that works to grade school children all around the world since the early 2000s. The school’s first location opened in California and now they can be found in several states.

Rocketship Education is popular because they take care of the students outside of the classroom. They have been known to volunteer themselves to their students and families of their students in order to help them have a better quality of life. For example, they have helped families regain shelter after natural disasters, they have helped families regain shelter after hardships, and they have helped families obtain food during hard times as well. Rocketship Education is dedicated to helping others outside of the classroom because learning does not end at school. Rocketship Education is an amazing place for children to earn their educations, enroll your child today!

George Soros Raising his Voice Against the Capitalist Threat that is Looming Over the World

George Soros is a popular public figure and thought the leader in the United States and is one of the wealthiest businessmen in the world. His hedge fund company, Soros Management, is one of the most profitable and successful wealth management and hedge funding companies in the world. It has over $30 billion in assets under management and the Quantum Fund, started by George Soros and his partners, continues to provide substantial returns to its investors. George Soros is known as a man with a vision, and his political and social endeavors have made him highly popular among the everyday people as well as in the political circles across the globe. As a democratic liberal, George Soros has helped the Democratic Party with their election campaigns in the last few decades financially as well as through his political support.

George Soros supported Hillary Clinton’s election campaign in 2016 for Presidency, and he spent over $30 million in direct and indirect funding to help strengthen her election campaign. George Soros’s age is 87 now, and even at this age, he continues to be highly motivated and active in his political and social commitments. Not only he ensures that he looks after his business, but also provides that the causes he feels for and the initiatives that his foundation, Open Society Foundation, supports are well-funded and progressing rapidly. George Soros doesn’t take defeat to his heart, and it is one of the reasons why his conviction was stronger than ever before to fight back when Donald Trump won the Presidential Election and came to power.

George Soros has seen the world transform from his eyes over the past few decades and know exactly the kind of balance the world needs, politically and socially. It is what he aims to bring through his constant efforts. In a recent move, George Soros transferred $18 Billion to his non-profit organization, Open Society Foundation. He believes it would help in channelling the fortune he has earned over the years in an efficient manner to rehabilitate local and regional communities across the globe. It would also help in funding the election campaigns of political candidates who are in support of a more open and liberal society world over. It is his worldview that has enabled him fund movements like Black Lives Matter and Antifa, which was criticized by many as well.

George Soros believes the world needs to forget their differences and progress as one. It is his belief in a one and open society that can be seen in the name of his organization as well, named Open Society Foundation. It is a foundation that has collaborated with numerous organizations from across the globe to make a positive difference. George Soros believes that building a better tomorrow is a responsibility of the few people who are blessed with enormous wealth and influence. In a recent article, he also expressed his views about how the society needs to wake up to the rise of totalitarianism and fight it before it takes over the world.

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