How Dr. David Samadi Became A Doctor

Dr. David Samadi is a famed prostate specialist. He performs robot-assisted surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York. He has been trained to perform traditional, open, and laparoscopic surgery. He invented a new form of surgery he calls Samadi Modified Advanced Robotic Surgery. This is used to treat patients with prostate cancer through treating it surgically. This is a minimally invasive surgery which uses the da Vinci Surgical System.In addition to practicing at Lenox Hill Hospital he is also a professor at Hofstra North Shore-LIJ School of Medicine. He teaches urology to the students there as a member of the faculty. He also appears on Fox News Channel on a regular basis as a medical correspondent on their Medical A-Team.

Additionally, Dr. David Samadi makes appearances on New York’s am970 radio programming as their chief medical correspondent.These media appearances by Dr. David Samadi can be found on his website, Along with his past interviews and correspondence episodes there is also Sunday Housecall with Dr. David Samadi. These are posted on the website every Tuesday two days after they air on Fox News Channel.Prior to working at Lenox Hill Hospital, where he started in June 2013, he worked for two and a half years at Mount Sinai Medical Center, also in New York City. During his time there he worked with national and international teams and put in place this hospital’s robotic prostate program. He has also worked for almost five years at Columbia Presbyterian in New York.

Additionally, he spent a little over four years volunteering his time at the emergency room of Stoney Brook Hospital. Additionally, he traveled to Cyprus’ Meditteranean Hospital to both perform prostate surgeries as well as to teach the doctors there about robotic procedure.When he was just 15 Dr. David Samadi had to flee Iran, along with his brother. They left behind their parents and younger sister. The reason why they had to go is that the Iranian Revolution happened which was held by Shia Muslims. As David and his brother are Jewish it was thought best that they should go elsewhere. After traveling in two European countries they were admitted into the United States. They both completed high school and then David got a full scholarship to learn medicine.

Entrepreneur, Scientist & Doctor: Dr. Clay Siegall

In most cases, some people tend to excel in at least one subject. On the other hand, there are people that seem to excel in multiple subjects. Dr. Clay Siegall personifies this notion perfectly as he has earned many different titles throughout his professional career. This doctor’s ambition for fighting cancer is very profound. Between the ages of 19 – 24, his father suffered with this dangerous disease. During this time, Siegall became aware of the limited tools that were available for fighting cancer. For some patients, surgeries and amputation were the only options. After his father’s passing, Siegall started to build his legacy by pursuing a career in cancer research. “I spent many years working in Bristol Myers Squibb’s Pharmaceutical Research Institute,” stated Siegall. Siegall also stated that “I earned a doctorate in genetics from George Washington University.”

As of today, he is the captain of the ship at Bothell, Washington’s Seattle Genetics. Seattle Genetics is a top cancer research company the commercializes and develops targeted-cancer therapies. The company came into fruition back in 1998, and it has been going strong ever since. Seattle Genetics has a huge database/pipeline of medications that will be released in future years. As of now, the company’s ADCETRIS medication is a top choice thanks to its brilliant way of fighting cancer. ADCETRIS received FDA-approval back in 2011 and Dr. Siegall has been able to offer the medications to a worldwide audience. Thanks to his business-sense of getting licensing deals, ADCETRIS is now being distributed by many of today’s top drug companies such as Pfizer, Genentech, Bayer and GlaxoSmithKline.

Dr. Siegall’s passion for helping others can’t be questioned and can’t be disputed. He’s a natural-born philanthropist that truly wants to make a difference. All in all, Dr. Clay Siegall of Seattle Genetics is the ultimate double-edged sword.

The Chainsmokers Speak on Their New Song, “Sick Boy”

Despite breaking through the billboard top 10 in 2015, it seems like The Chainsmokers have been around forever. The Chainsmokers are made up of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart: a producer and a DJ. Unlike most musical acts, The Chainsmokers normally only produce the must. They don’t often hop on the vocals. The Chainsmokers are best known for their songs “Closer,” “Roses,” and “Don’t Let Me Down.”

The Chainsmokers recently sat down with an interview with Forbes just before a concert in New York City.

The Chainsmokers barely released any music in 2017, but they intend to change that in 2018. “We haven’t put out a song in nine months,” Drew Taggart said. “We used to put out a song pretty much every month.” On the heels of their musical absence, they have released “Sick Boy.”

“Sick Boy” is drastically different from their previous songs. Most of their music is all about enjoying life and having a good time. The name alone signals listeners that what they are about to hear is not your typical Chainsmokers song.

The next topic is a little bit darker,” Taggart confessed. “I think that’s the tone of scoeity right now.”

The song itself is all about how The Chainsmokers view America. The vocals of the song speak from the perspective of the average young citizen in the United States of America. A citizen who isn’t carrying on with social norms; one that is aware of the actions around him. The vocals are complimented with a light EDM backdrop over a pop heavy instrumental.

Frustration,” Taggart said after he was asked what made “Sick Boy” have such a darker tone than previous songs. “Watching yourself become a caricature of who you are,” he added.

Alex Pall, the other half of The Chainsmokers says they are still holding themselves to high standards.

“We’re going to keep them coming,” Taggart said when he was asked if more dark sounding songs are on the way.

Louis Chenevert’s Great Achievements at the UTC

Louis Chenevert is the former retired president and CEO of the United Technologies Corporation (UTC). He joined the company in 2008 after he was selected to head the organization where he served until his retirement in 2014. Chenevert would was later elected as the chairman in 2010 due to his outstanding performance in executing his duties as the head of the company. Before being chosen as the CEO, Louis Chenevert who is a Canadian national was serving as the president of Pratt & Whitney Company, a subsidiary of UTC. What’s more, Chenevert’s record of success in the Pratt & Whitney is what led to his selection as the leader UTC.

Furthermore, Louis Chenevert is a graduate of the HEC Montreal, an affiliate of the University of Montreal Business School. He graduated in 1979 with a degree in Business Administration in Production Management and also gained an honorary doctorate from the same university in 2011. After finishing his schooling, Louis Chenevert first worked at the General Motors where he joined in 1993 and served for 14 years. Moreover, after his retirement at UTC, Chenevert worked at the Goldman Sachs Merchant Banking Division where he held the position of a senior industry advisor.

Louis Chenevert’s Leadership in UTC

Louis Chenevert’s tenure at United Technologies Corporation was marked by the innovations and product developments. The new inventions and redefining of products saw the improvement of the aeronautical industry that was even adopted by other parties in the sector. This, in turn, helped a significant reduction of cost in some major aspects of the production and fuel usage budgets. An instance is the development of the GTF engine which cut the fuel cost by 20% and had its parts reduced by 30% while the noise it projected was decreased by 50%.

As the head of UTC, Chenevert’s focus was to ensure that the company would deliver beyond its client’s expectations. He did this by empowering his operational talent team and engineers in the direction of inventing transformative products in the industry. Additionally, Louis Chenevert excitement stemmed from how fast the technology transformed the UTC Company with inventions benefiting the future manufacture of aeronautical products.

Jason Hope Contributions to Anti-Aging Research

Humanity enjoys the best of the World. However, all the benefits and plenty culminates in death. Sometimes it comes through disease, accidents or old age. With the never-ending race to prolong our existence and enjoy the full benefits of life, people have invested in methods through which we can extend life by slowing down the aging process. One such individual is the entrepreneur, futurist, and philanthropist Jason Hope. Jason Hope was born in Arizona and grew up in Tempe. After high school, He attended Arizona State University where he graduated after attaining a degree in finance. He would later further his studies at ASU’s W.P Carey School of Business and attained an MBA.

Through the SENS Foundation, Jason Hope contributes towards the Anti-Aging research. It is at this non-profit foundation where research of anti-aging process takes place. Anti-aging is an umbrella that incorporates advanced regenerative therapies. Among the studies under the anti-aging umbrella include those that target cancer and Parkinson disease. Also, they explore cell rejuvenation that leads to the repair of damaged cells. Jason Hope has continued to donate towards the cause of the foundation. In 2010, Jason Donated $ 500,000 to the SENS Foundation. The funds went to the construction and equipping of the Cambridge SENS laboratory. Lately, the institution has developed a different approach to addressing the aging process. They target diseases that cause our bodies to break down and accelerate the aging process. Some of the illnesses include Alzheimer, heart, and lung diseases.

Jason Hope understands that starting an enterprise, developing a product, or launching an idea is not cheap. An idea is just the start. However, to start and propel it to profitability requires resources, mentorship, and patience. As a result, Jason supports and cultivate upcoming entrepreneurs as they dive into technology. Most often than not, young entrepreneurs have brilliant ideas but cannot propel them to fruition. On the other hand, Jason identifies that mentorship can start as early as high school. Therefore, he offers grants to high school seniors and college students as they gravitate towards technological breakthroughs. Great ideas require a lot to get them off the ground. Jason Hope provides the support needed to take the ideas of the ground.

While addressing the internet of things (IoT), Jason Hope says that such technology comes to make our lives better. Think of waking up in the morning and finding a cup of coffee ready or having your fridge remind you of the shopping list. IoT stands to advance traffic and most importantly, the health sector.

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The contribution of TMS Health Solutions In Solving Depression Problems

TMS Health Solutions is a recognized health institution that provides services in psychiatry. The issues that are related to depression have been solved by the company. The company also helps their clients to establish their mental fitness. The analysis is done for the people who have experienced depression. Many people prefer to seek assistance from the institution due to exemplary services that it provides.
TMS Health Solutions has competent health professions who have trained to serve the needs of the clients. The institution has leaders who employ their leadership skills to achieve the objectives set by the company. The staff has committed to providing high-quality services to the clients. The staff members are drawn from different areas of expertise. The organization has saved a lot of problems in the society. The institution has helped many patients with Treatment-Resistant Depression. Most of the patients are referred from the hospitals which cannot handle cases related to Treatment-Resistant Depression. TMS Health Solutions has been praised by many residences of Northern California for helping them to solve depression problems in the area. The management has come up strategies of reducing the cases of depression in various families.

TMS therapy has touched the lives of many people with depression problems. The institution has assisted members of the society to curb depression problems. The patients are enlightened on the measures to take to overcome the depression. The organization gained reputation due to the implementation of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS). The system has been integrated into the treatment process to increase the efficiency in dealing with depression. Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) has been applied in depression therapy.
TMS Health Solutions has launched branches in various parts of the country to increase access to many people. Most of the operations are coordinated from the head office. Various departments of the institution have been merged to ensure the high-quality services is reflected in every part of the treatment process. The institution is in the forefront in the use of modern technology in treatment. Depression therapy is conducted using the modern techniques. New means of treatment have been devised for people who have demonstrated a slow response to Antidepressants.
TMS Health Solutions have all the necessary resources to deal with depression problems. The counselors and the doctors have enough experience for the treatment of the patients. The staff has solved many depression problems in the society. The management staff has ensured that the patients receive high-quality services from the institution.

How Neurocore Can Help Your Brain & Groupon Helps Make It More Affordable

It is an undeniable fact that as we age, our brains begin to slow down in their ability to process new information as well as retain the information. This is most noticeable when we do repetitive tasks, once the muscle memory for the task is established it becomes very easy for our minds to begin to wander and stay less focused on the task at hand.

Over the course of the past two decades medicine and science has advanced in such a way that we have learned more about our brains and how they work than we have throughout all of recorded history. One of the companies out there that is utilizing this emergent data to help increase brain activity is Neurocore.

They tackle this problem by beginning with an assessment that is designed to map out your brain’s baseline of activity and starts with a Quantitative Electroencephalogram, qEEG, a simple and painless procedure in which small diodes are attached to the scalp with conductive gel.

During the qEEG you will observe a computer monitor and the diodes will be reading your brainwave activity through a twelve point detection system that will give the staff a very accurate measurement of the brain’s speed and conductivity.

The next step involved a simple examination called an HRV, Heart Rate Variability, which determines the functionality of your respiratory and cardiovascular systems to see if they are working together efficiently.

The last step of the assessment is called the Integrated Visual and Auditory Continuous Performance test and is used to determine the presence of any attention disorders within the brain by measuring attention, sensory processing and impulsivity.

The benefits of the neurofeedback training that comes after your assessment is vast, it can improve your focus and attention abilities as well as increase your energy. Neurofeedback can also help improve your quality of sleep as well as reduce stress and anxiety in your life.

Now, Groupon has teamed up with Neurocore to offer two amazing deals that allow anyone to try this service. The first option is $99 and allows you to have your assessment at any time without restriction. The second option costs $49 and has the minor restrictions of only being available Monday through Friday before 4.00 p.m.


TMS Health Solutions; Its not what we do, its how we do it

TMS Health Solutions is a mental health solutions program dedicated to helping find a solution to the problem the patient is facing. We help those that have been on medication, without it being successful, or have been through therapy and have not had results from that experience either. We have a special TMS Therapy that is used when previous attempts at solving your mental health issues have failed. TMS Therapy is a different kind of therapy that helps the over 40% of people who didn’t respond to their medications, and still suffer from clinical depression, even after trying everything. Our staff at TMS Health Solutions work around the clock addressing and solving the questions of why medication and standard therapy hasn’t worked for you. We take every aspect into consideration, and therefore will offer you a different approach, that you haven’t already tried.

Our mission statement here at TMS Health Solutions is; “Here at TMS Health Solutions we offer comprehensive psychiatry services. We are proud to be Northern California’s leading provider of the TMS Therapy, (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation.) Its a highly effective and non-invasive therapy that is FDA cleared, for our patients who have not responded to antidepressants and other treatments.” We strive to live up to this standard with every patient. (

You can schedule an appointment with one of our qualified clinicians at one of our convenient locations. We have helped thousands of help patients find help relieving their depression, and benefit from TMS Therapy. Depression and Mental Health issues are treatable, and regardless of your prior experience with medications and therapy, we can assure you we will work hard to find a solution for you. You don’t have to live day to day and struggle with depression and mental health issues. If you are one of the 40% of people who have tried medication management and standard therapy for your depression, please give us a call and set up an appointment with one of our clinicians. We are here to serve you.

We Accept most forms of insurance, from Anthem, Blue Shield, Cigna, United Health Care, Optum, and others. To find out if we accept your insurance carrier please call toll free; 1-844-867-8444. We look forward to serving you and addressing any and all needs you might have. At TMS Health Solutions, its not what we do, its how we do it.