Achievements Of Robert Ivy As An Architect

Robert Ivy is a graduate of the University of the South where he graduated with Bachelor of Arts in English. He has Masters of Architecture from Tulane University. Robert Ivy was appointed as the Editor in Chief of Architectural Record in 1996. He has also served as a Vice President and Editorial Director of McGraw-Hill Construction Media. He has also won various awards and honors as an editor and architecture.

CEO Robert Ivy has suggested that one of the ways to overcome the complex health issues in the current generation can be done through proper design. He said that there is the benefit of using stairs rather than elevators. Walking through the stairs is a beneficial exercise activity. Buildings can also be designed in a way that allows natural light to enter the building. The fresh air, natural air, and light can change the perception of a person about the workplace. The productivity and the performance of people in such an environment can significantly increase. Architects and health officials have come together to discuss the health benefits of design.

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Biophilia integrates Seattle Children’s Hospital “Building Hope” expansion. The design was invented by Erich Fromm, a German social psychologist. The design has made the place attractive and playful for the children. The visitors are also impressed by design. The floor of the facility is designed with a paw print and brass leaf which makes the visitors stare in disbelief of such a wonderful sight. The walkways connecting the rooms within the hospital is curved softly. The design has improved the view of the treatment areas according to The murals set the children’s mind to discover and imagine things. The New Buckingham County Primary and Elementary School design is based on the study of how to prevent obesity among children. This building in Charlottesville, Virginia, is as a result of collaboration between Dr. Matthew Trowbridge and the VMDO Architects to understand how design can be integrated into reducing the rate of childhood obesity. The statistics have indicated that the rate of Alzheimer’s disease and Related Dementia would increase by 1.7 million by 2025. The answer to this health challenge is the innovative ‘light therapy’ in California. The design is meant for the dementia care facilities. The research shows that lack of exposure to bright light contributes to the disruption of the circadian system. Bright light can offer a solution to those people who have Alzheimer disease and help them to overcome the sleeping disorder.

The American Institute of Architects happens to be a professional organization that consists of tons of different architects from all over the United States. The main headquarters for the organization is located in Washington DC. They have more than 90,000 members around the world.


Jeremy Goldstein- Winning the Hearts of Employees

Recently, most of the cooperation has stopped issuing of stock options to their employees. Many firms do this to save money, but to others, the decision is more complicated with significant problems making the companies shun out on this benefits. According to Jeremy Goldstein Companies fear the dropping of the company stock value making it impossible for the employees to enjoy and exercise their options. Additionally, the business has to report to the shareholders on any associated expenses risking the possibility of experiencing overhang. The employee has opted to receive better compensation method and avoid on company stock.


The economic downturns have made stock options less stable and worthless making it hard to gain any significant income. Stock options have become an accounting burden to many firms since they incur associated costs making them more expensive than obtaining a financial advantage. An employee would opt to receive a salary hike than get a share in the company stock since an increment gives more benefit says, Jeremy Goldstein.


However, stock options, as kind of compensation are still valuable and preferred than equities, additional wages or even better insurance coverage. This is because with training and seminars it easy to understand the concept of stock options and the way they provide all employees with an equivalent value. The rise of stock options value boasts the personal earnings of an employee. It motivates employees to focus and prioritize on growing the value of the corporation share making the company more successful. This is by working harder to satisfy the existing clients, develop innovative services and attract desirable clients. Internal Revenue Service rules make it harder for companies to supply equities to their employees. It usually applied to the companies that develop high reward for their top executives, and it may lead to higher tax burdens with stakes but not with stock options.


The best option is for companies to get the right strategy when issuing the stock option to avoid unwanted costs and minimize the ongoing and initial expenses overhang. Learn more:

Jeremy Goldstein offers the best legal advice to various companies regarding their employee’s benefits. He is a business lawyer and boasts of 15 years of experience, and he established his Law Firm located in New York. Jeremy Goldstein has played vital roles in various top companies that involved significant transactions. He has worked with Duke Energy, AT&T, Verizon, Merck and Bank one. Goldstein is a board member of Fountain House which is a non-profit and prestigious law journal.

Dr. Mark Mckenna Is Earning Recognition For His Incredible Medicine Infused businesses

Dr. Mark Mckenna has been making waves int he world of business over the past decade thanks to his several successful startup companies. Not only has Dr. Mark Mckenna been highly successful in business, but he is a highly qualified medical practitioner as well. Mark spent many years studying medicine and practicing at the Universty of Tulane before earning his medical degree. Today he is licensed and has received certifications from some of the most prestigious boards in the country. Mark also learned a great deal from his father working at his private practice, which he joined right after earning his medical degree.

Much of Mark’s desire to joint he medical field came from watching his father throughout the years when he was a child. Dr. Mark Mckenna had the drive necessary and the intellect to excel in his studies and his practice, but he eventually realized he wanted to do more. He enjoyed his work, but he was sure he still had more to give. This is when he decided to try his luck at starting his own business with the help of his father. His first company was a real estate firm, which was incredibly successful. McKenna Venture managed to earn Dr. Mark Mckenna millions before he lost it to Hurricane Katrina. This was not a setback for Mark, however, as his determination to succeed was endless.

Today, Dr. Mark Mckenna is enjoying his new company, OVME. This medical wellness company is unique since it focuses on delivering its treatments to patients in their homes, rather than patients needing to come to the doctor’s office. This saves Mark’s clients time and money, but even more than that, fear. There is a huge number of people out there who hate going to the doctors, especially adults. By creating a company that will bring the products and treatments to the client, he can reach more people with his medical ideas and improve more lives. OVME currently operates in a select few cities, but expansion is coming soon according to Dr. Mark Mckenna.

Alex Pall, Drew Taggart, and getting “Closer” to creating an image

Following the release of their much anticipated single “Closer”, the Chainsmokers members, Alex Pall and Drew Taggart sat down for an interview with Interview Magazine. During this interview they discussed the new sound and territory that this single was going to take. The artists had always wanted to create an identity that was different from other EDM groups. This song was looking to be their chance, unlike their other hits, this one was going to have Taggart sing on the track.

Pall, one of the DJs in the group, said that artists have always been trying to put intimacy into EDM and this was hard, as EDM producers usually were in the background, allowing others to sing and write the lyrics. Following “Closer”, the duo may be onto something.

Drew and Alex met in New York City after being introduced by a mutual friend. Drew was from Maine, but studied at Syracuse University so the trip to New York City was easy. After meeting, and discussing the growth of DJs and EDM music, the two connected and began working on songs the very next day. The two had seen the growing popularity of EDM music, and began performing and working on songs as much as possible. They eventually gained popularity with their song “#SELFIE” and over a period of time, this sent them performing on a worldwide tour; their tireless effort had paid off. Before long the duo gained more success with their hits “Roses” and then “Don’t Let Me Down.”

Pall describes this period as good for their growth, but not good for crafting their sound.

It was during this time that they began work on “Closer”, a song in which Halsey was going to sing and help write. Taggart also decided to be involved in the lyrics and vocals on the song, he felt that they had a lot of emotions about college, relationships, and life, that they wanted to share. The duo finally felt that this would give them the chance to be distinguished from other artists. The future looks bright.

What Makes Talkspace So Different

If you’re currently seeing a therapist, you might be wondering if there’s a better way to get the help that you need. If your doctor has recommended therapy, you’ve probably been struggling to make and keep appointments as well as to afford the copays at every single visit. If you don’t have insurance, you might have given up on the idea of ever getting this type of help. Because of this, you need to know that there is an app that you can download to your most-used device so that you can essentially bring the therapist into your own home.

The way for you to do this is to download Talkspace and begin to use it by creating an account. This account is ideal for lots of different reasons, and it provides a qualified therapist who you can use in your own home. You will also find that along with being convenient, you’re actually going to be able to afford this type of program without the headache of it being overpriced or just too expensive. Plus, it’s a whole lot more convenient for you to download Talkspace and use it at home.

There are lots of reasons for you to make use of Talkspace and all that it is able to do for you. The first time you use Talkspace, you’ll notice immediately how different it can be for you. You will no longer need to make those annoying and time-consuming trips to the therapist’s office now that you have an app that is not only cheaper, but provides you with more qualified professionals who are there for you every time you need them. This is ideal for those who just want to talk on Talkspace or those who are having a crisis situation and would like a therapist to talk to right away.