Arthur Becker’s Business Strategies

Arthur Becker is a real estate developer and an American investor. Mr. Becker is commonly known as a former CEO of Zinio and NaviSite. Becker was married for 23 years to Vera Wang and was an advisor in growing the business into a global brand. Arthur is a graduate of Bennington College where he completed studies in 1972. Later, he attended Dartmouth College at the School of Business administration known as the Amos Tuck.

According to HuffingtonPost, Arthur is Madison Partners, LLC, managing member. The company is an investment firm whose main aim is early stage Bio tech ventures and real estate. Between 2012 to 2015, Arthur was the CEO and chairman of Zinio, LLC, the largest digital newsstand in the world. Before joining Zinio, Mr. Becker was the Chief Executive Officer of NaviSite which is a NASDAQ Company providing internet technology services and hosting to businesses in the UK and US from 2002 to 2010. Having offices in the UK, India, and the US, NaviSite provides cloud-based application management and data center hosting to the enterprise market. Mr. Arthur was Vera Wang fashion company senior advisor for seven years and has also been a private investor in real estate and technology since NaviSite was sold in 2011 to Time Warner. Visit Bloomberg to know more.

In an interview on Curbed, Becker said that he got the idea of Madison Partners Company when he chose to expand his interests in real estate through investing in condominium development in Miami Florida and New York City. He also added that he had been fascinated in the evolving paradigms shift in the biotechnology and a combination of great economic opportunities. His need to make significant impacts to the lives of people pushed him to venture into this career.

Arthur Becker says that the one trend that excites him is the number of biotech trends and in particular, the cancer treatment field. He adds that despite not having training in the medical field, he has had great experiences with other people in the community. When asked about the strategy that has helped him grow in business, Arthur said that talent is the primary key to success. Arthur says that he identifies the right talent and persuades talented people to his vision.

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