Purina Beneful Dog Food Commercials: Informative and Full of Cuteness!

Beneful brand dog food has been around long enough to know exactly what makes a dog healthy and happy. In their various commercials, they often show a duo of canine and their human, loving every moment spent together.

In one commercial ad, the focus is on Jessica and Riley. Jessica’s dog, Riley is a beautiful Collie who needs a more healthy diet. Jessica feeds him Purina Healthy Weight dog food and it shows a fit Riley devouring his bowl of food. While eating, Riley tells us how awesome the flavor is and we get the impression from Jessica that if he could, Riley would eat the entire bag if given the chance!

The Beneful Break-N-Bites commercial shows that from a dog’s view point, in order to score the full strip (they can be broken down into 4 separate pieces), the dogs must be cute! Letting a toddler lounge on you seems to do the trick for this adorable dog.

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Beneful Dog Food Now Available in Walmart

Dog food needs to be quality material, and it should be sourced from the best suppliers. Choosing the right dog food means that you should buy from the good brand. One of the best brands today is Beneful Dog Food.

If you’re looking for the right place that can source you Beneful Dog Food, then it would be our pleasure to know that Walmart currently sells and distributes Beneful dog products. There’s little wonder why Walmart trusts Beneful mainly because of the premium nutrition content of Beneful’s dog food. It’s amazing to know that you don’t have to drive far from your home for the quality dog food that Beneful offers because Walmart is now a distributor of the company’s dog food.

It would also interest you to know that the Beneful dog food at Walmart is priced most competitively. A 15lb bag of a Beneful dry dog food will cost one about $13.98, while a wet variety of the dog food will cost around $14.98, which already contains about 27 cans. With these affordable boxes, you can now feel comfortable.knowibg that you’re giving your dogs the best quality food they deserve without costing too much.

Smaller bags of dry food are also at Walmart and will cost your 3.5 lb bag at $5.48. Beneful Dog food also makes sure that you can get them at discount and promo prices at Walmart. It’s hard to imagine why a certain brand would still be in business if what they’re offering is inferior. Good thing that Beneful dog food continues to be the leading producer of healthy dog food for every kind of budget buyer with these promos.

With the partnership with Walmart, there are now more reasons to enjoy the products of Beneful. Indeed, dog owners can enjoy a lot of their money from purchasing the Beneful products available in Walmart now.

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