Upwork’s Take on Creating a Reasonable To-Do List

Whether working as a corporate manager or just a manual and menial worker, there is always a list of some things you need to achieve in the short or long term. Sometimes, such a list can be overly long or just short and brief. When it comes to managing such tasks, it is important to ensure that you do not miss an item that may prove costly at a later stage of your work. Various entities and professional advisors propose taking numerous varying measures to safeguard your comprehensiveness and organization as far as meeting your tasks is concerned.

Upwork, a leading freelancing company based in the US, proposes the use of To-Do lists as an effective way of managing and controlling your day-to-day activities. Upwork is in the best position to accurately advise on this matter since the site accurately manages clients’ demands and yet delivers quality work on time. According to the site, the first step in creating an effective and compressive To-Do list is ensuring comprehensiveness in pointing out every item that you need to achieve in the day. Whether in the office or at home, being comprehensive demands that you mark out every possible activity to be done by the end of the day.

The next step involves setting out the timeline of when you need to have accomplished the tasks to ensure that you don’t fall behind schedule. When setting the timelines, it is essential to come up with a reasonable timeframe for each of the activities and for the overall schedule of activities that you are planning to accomplish. Setting the timeline goals ensures that you do not procrastinate or waste time on other ways. Such schedules, therefore, make your day more organized and productive in a positive way.

The last strategy that Upwork recommends involves delegating some of your work to ease your schedule while making it as manageable as possible. When it comes to delegation, it is important to work with persons that are competent enough in order not to compromise on the quality of your work. Upwork offers you a suitable platform where you can delegate your written tasks to professional content writers who would ensure that your work is competently done and delivered on time.

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Helping Feed The Hungry By Supporting Skout

Using Skout To Build Your Social Network

When I first moved to this city I came here alone. I had already graduated college, and I didn’t plan to go to grad school, so I did not have a real way to make friends without going through the stresses of approaching random strangers in coffee shops or in bars. I cannot stand approaching new people without knowing them already. It is one of the most stressful things I have done, and I vow to never put myself through that again. When I meet people on Skout, I already know who I am meeting. I know about these people because I have already had real conversations with them online.

My circle of friends in this new city is mostly comprised of people I have met through Skout’s platform. I still use their network today to find new friends, and I use it to date occasionally. I have had some wonderful dates that have come from the girls I have met through Skout’s network. One of the girls I am seeing is turning into a serious relationship, and I am so excited about having met this person online through Skout.

Skout Gives Back To Their Community

The company does a lot of wonderful things for the world besides putting people in touch with one another. They have hosted a few events that have benefited and fed the hungry populations in San Fransisco and Marin County. They chose to give back to their hometown since they were founded in San Fransisco.

In a recent effort to give back to their community, Skout decided to launch a program where users could purchase gifts. The money from the gifts goes back to helping people in need at their local food bank. PR Newswire wrote a full article on this.

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