Cotemar Mexico Leads The Way As The Mexican Oil Industry Undergoes Major Changes

December 2016 saw the latest phase in the privatization of the Mexican oil industry with the auction allowing tenders to be made for taking over the deep water exploration rights. Tenders were sought for the deep water exploration in the Trion field where work will be completed alongside the Pemex corporation that has long been the sole government owned company operating the Mexican oil industry; companies like Cotemar Mexico have spent much of their history developing skills that have been used around the world and can now be used in Mexican oil fields.


Cotemar Mexico is one of the world’s top companies supplying maritime based services for deep water oil platforms that range from the positioning and construction of a platform through to the many different services required for creating a comfortable environment on land and at sea. Working with Cotemar Mexico in oil fields off the Mexican coast or further afield can be an enjoyable and comfortable experience as the company is well known for the quality of care it affords employees. Among the benefits seen are comfortable living quarters and travel options that include some of the most up to date and comfortable ships in the industry. Employees of Cotemar are also provided with a range of services from top notch catering through to laundry and ironing completed at land bases and on platforms.


As the Mexican oil industry expands at a fast rate and many companies are faced with the difficult choice of where to seek new or expanded oil fields Cotemar has been working to make sure it has a positive effect on the environment and local communities. The company has been publishing its guidelines and regulations for many years as they seek to create a sense of transparency in its sustainability programs; at community level the company has also become popular as they provide backing for sports clubs and philanthropic groups in communities touched by their work.

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Christanna Bevin’s Successful Practice

Christanna Bevin is one of the Sydney-based motivated women in all they do. She believes that she has the capability to chair any project to reach its end in the society. For this reason, she has demonstrated her excellence and prowess in her role as a project manager to oversee numerous world-class construction processes in the world. For all the projects she has received, she has worked to attain a successful end to make all her contractors successful. For her to achieve the success she has achieved in this life, she has strived to meet and exceed the high expectations and needs of her clients in all manners of projects she has handled.


She also has an outstanding experience and knowledge in all management skills which are necessary to have a project completed. Her field of expertise has the inclusion of procurement, contract, project controls, and administration management in all resource and construction sectors she has worked. Christanna Bevin is also one of the most respected individuals because she has a strong work ethic and code of performance. Her ability to communicate and her various problem-solving skills are unmatched in the industry. As a matter of fact, they are the only way in which he has accessed the path through a better environment. Because she always goes an extra mile in all her work, she has developed a market niche which no one can fit unless you hire her services as a project manager like no other.


Christanna Bevin offers one of the most flexible working companions. Or all those who have had an opportunity to work beside her, they can testify that she is indeed an icon in the project management society. For all the projects she gets the chance to work on, she lays a hand which is unmatched in this category. She is one of the most dedicated women in her work in Australia. This is the reason why she never fails to be hired in any interview she attends. Her personal life has been modified to fit into her career because her main goal in life is to make people‘s project come to success.


Livio Bisterzo And His Newest Venture

Livio Bisterzo is the founder of Green Park Holdings. The company, based in Los Angeles, is based on providing “better for you” snacks. Green Park Holdings recently launched their first product, Hippeas, which is a line of organic chickpea puffs. Livio has a history of entrepreneurship and Green Park Holdings is the latest company he has founded.

Livio Bisterzo was born in Italy, and gained his Bachelors degree in Business and Management in Fashion from the University of the Arts London. Not long after graduating he founded his first company, an events business. He want on to founding businesses that were in the hospitality field as well as consumer brands. In 2008 Livio Bisterzo partnered with RNA Corporation and developed a high end line of men’s skincare products. This line, Kyoku for Men, is now sold in 26 countries around the world. In 2011 he acquired a Danish firm called Little Miracles, which processes and sells an organic drink made of tea and juice. This product is now sold in 18 countries.

Livio Bisterzo founded Green Park Holdings in 2015 and in 2016 moved, along with his family, to the United States. He has stated that he wanted to build a brand that was not only healthier but also socially conscious. The company’s first brand, Hippeas, was launched in April of 2016 and its target market is the millennial generation. The brand is sold in both the United States and the United Kingdom and there are plans to expand internationally.

In addition to being organic, Hippeas are just 100 calories per pack, gluten free, kosher, and vegan. The line has a wide range of flavors including white cheddar, maple haze, happenin’ hickory,and siracha sunshine as well as other flavors. The lineup of Hippeas is sold at Starbucks locations and will soon be expanding to other retailers.

One of the ways that Livio has for the way for the company to be socially conscious is that for every package of Hippeas sold the company will donate to eastern African farmers. The company has partnered with Farm Africa and the goal is to help lift these farmers out of poverty.