OSI Group McDonalds – The Deal around the World

OSI Group McDonalds established their partnership with OSI Industries when the two companies were at an intersection. OSI Group was not well established and was still struggling to grow and develop to firm and highly renowned company. MacDonald and Ray Kroc encountered objections of being at a position to offer a uniformed across the nation. This an issue that had never been done before. At the time, the companies were referred to as Otto & Sons. They embarked on their journey with Ray Kroc together with his franchise without the clue that this partnership would finally lead the two companies as some of the largest in the entire world.

The agreement between the two companies was to provide the beef for both the Ray Kroc and McDonald Franchise. However, the pressure was just about to start for OSI Group despite that the contract was over and successful. As noted before, the primary objective of Ray Kroc was to establish a consistent product to customers all over the nation. This implied that OSI Group was offered the duty to make it a reality. This marked the best time for partnership with McDonalds and challenge due to the growth and advancements that were established in the freezing technology which was the key factor towards consistent meat delivery all over the nation.

OSI Group was set to establish its private manufacturing plant in 1973 for McDonalds. This form of facility is based in Chicago and would guarantee a brand new unofficial firm simply called OSI Group McDonalds. Despite that it was meant to offer retailers and local restaurants foods, it was this plant, the OSI Group McDonalds that introduced the company into the stratosphere of the business industry. Otto & Sons got into a transition stage in 1975. The transition involves a system of not only growth and development of the companies but the close retirement of the sons of Otto & Sons. The company would quick and easily change its brand to OSI Industries after the assurance that the deal between OSI Group McDonalds with various other international ventures was successful. This was when the company start a year after year growth and development to what we currently have.


Dallas-Based Company Is Helping Out Houston

Who says that Texas doesn’t come together to help out its own? In fact, this is one of the things that Texas does better than almost anywhere else. The residents of Texas rally around their neighbors when they need them to. That is what Stream Energy has done for the people of Houston.

Stream Energy is based in Dallas, but it felt to them that Hurricane Harvey was practically in their backyard when it slammed into Houston. It felt like Mother Nature had taken a cheap shot at some of their neighbors and friends. It was not something that Stream Energy wanted to stand by and watch idly. Instead, the company felt the strong impulse to jump into action and make sure that they were able to do everything within their power to fix this situation.

What Stream Energy decided it needed to do was work on creating a charitable division of itself that could directly go into addressing the very real issues that this particular storm was causing for the people of Houston. They created what they call “Stream Cares”. This is a charitable part of the business that directly contributes to making people’s lives better. One way that the company does this is by providing the people of Houston with things that they need like clothing, clean water, and school supplies. Any little thing that can go towards bringing people’s lives back somewhere close to normal is the kind of thing that Stream Energy wants to be involved in.

The company is fully aware of the fact that doing these things is going to bring some positive spotlight to them as a brand. They want that to happen as any good company would. They don’t believe that this is a bad thing necessarily because they feel that it may help to encourage others to get involved in charitable giving as well.

Look around for the good work that this company is doing in Houston. The signs of their work are all around you. You can see that they are making a difference in people’s lives, and it is something that we should all applaud.
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Uber Angel Investor Shervin Pishevar Thinks Investors Are In For A Rocky 2019

When Shervin Pishevar was getting started in Silicon Valley, Uber wasn’t on anyone’s investment radar. But Pishevar saw an opportunity to make some real money from the personal taxi concept so he invested $21 million in the startup.

That investment gave him the reputation he needed in the investment world. After that successful investment, Pishevar told his Menlo Capital partners that Airbnb was a solid growth candidate. Every startup Shervin Pishevar invested in turned out to be cash cows, and his reputation as a hedge fund superstar spread across the industry.

But just like all superstars, Shervin Pishevar had challenges to overcome. When he started his Investment company hedge fund, he thought he could overcome those challenges, but things didn’t work out the way he planned. Pishevar resigned from Investment company at the end of 2017. He decided to pull himself out of the investment limelight for a couple of months and chill. But in March 2018, Pishevar couldn’t stay quiet any longer. He went on a 21-hour, 50-plus tweetstorm that made Trump look like a tweeting novice. During his tweetstorm, he told investors to be careful what they wish for because the stock and bond markets were going to disappoint them in 2018 and 2019.

Mr. Pishevar said the stock market would drop by 6,000 points over several months. He knew the market was in overvalue mode, and he also knew the Feds had to start raising interest rates to curb inflation fears. And Shervin also knew Trump’s tax cut plan wouldn’t be fuel for the economy for long. Investors thought Shervin Pishevar was just trying to be relevant by shaking up the investment status quo. But now that the stock market erased all the 2017 and 2018 gains, they want to hear more from Shervin Pishevar.

Pishevar mentioned several issues that would slow down the economy. Trump’s tax cuts wouldn’t keep the economy moving in the right direction, according to one Pishevar tweet. And another tweet warned investors about a cryptocurrency decline. Pishevar did paint a grim economic picture back in March 2018, but he saw things other investors didn’t see. But those investors see them now.


Hussain Sajwani Has Built Up His Reputation As The DAMAC Owner From His Beloved City Of Dubai And He Sees A Bright Future

There is no doubt that many of the countries of the region of the Middle East have endured some fairly significant political and civil unrest in recent years. This has been particularly true for countries such as Iraq, Egypt and Lebanon among others. One country that has been a beacon of stability throughout all of these persistent troubles is the UAE. This country is well-known to many due to its most famous city, the international business center of Dubai.

These other nations have seen unsettling times during these years but one of the most highly respected entrepreneurs from the world famous Dubai business hub is not at all worried that these issues will filter into his beloved home city. This individual is none other than the world’s fifth wealthiest Arab, the DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani. Hussain is one of the foremost real estate developers in the world and his DAMAC Properties organization has done impressive projects across the Middle East, the U.K. and is now starting to expand in earnest into the East Asian market with a particular emphasis on becoming a presence in the growing economy of China. These developments along with the fact that Hussain Sajwani has worked with individuals such as Donald Trump during his time as the DAMAC Owner are a true testament to the fact that the company is one of the strongest real estate development operations in the world today.

Real estate entrepreneur Hussain Sajwani has actually even gone a step further in his analysis of the situation that Dubai now sits in. He is not only confident that UAE will not fall victim to the civil unrest seen in other parts of the region, but he is also actually a strong believer that these situations have had the inadvertent effect of making the UAE and Dubai stronger in its overall position in the region. This is due to the fact that people have a high level of faith in the region’s continued stability and believe that this is a factor that will continue to hold up. Many individuals as well as developing businesses have moved to the area because it is considered such a safe haven with its impressive infrastructure and technological basis. Visit hussainsajwani.com to know more about Sajwani.

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OSI Group Began As a Family-Owned Organization in 1909

OSI Group McDonalds began as a family-owned organization in 1909. The original founder was a man named Otto Kolschowsky. Otto came to the United States from Germany with a specific dream. He established the company in the Chicago area and quickly grew his enterprise to feature different aspects of the food industry. By 1928 there was a second facility operating out of the Chicago suburb of Maywood. The company was known as Otto and Sons and occupied a very important place in the local community.

Otto and Sons became partners with the McDonald’s Corporation in 1955. It was being led by Ray Kroc, who had pioneered the franchise business model around the nation. Kroc chose Otto and Sons to be the primary meat supplier to McDonald’s restaurants in the Illinois area. The corporation had a strong working relationship with Arthur and Harry, who were the sons of Otto Kolschowsky. Ray Kroc took the McDonald’s Corporation to a worldwide level. Otto and Sons had to adjust and meet the demands of their growing partner.

The success of McDonald’s is directly related to the tremendous growth of Otto and Sons. The family-owned organization was up to the task of supplying McDonald’s with its signature hamburgers by bringing in new technology. They introduced the meat patty cutting machine and cryogenic freezing chambers. These tools revolutionized meat processing within the food manufacturing industry .

By 1975 Otto and Sons was known as OSI Group McDonalds. It represented over seven decades of success at this point. The company had taken on an international image and was still being led by its original founders. Eventually the owners settled into retirement and the organizational leadership decided to bring in Sheldon Lavin to oversee the company’s future.

OSI Group McDonalds went on to build a state-of-the-art meat processing plant in 1973 in order to meet the needs of its number one client, McDonald’s. Expansion continued with facilities in other areas of the nation including West Jordan, Utah and different parts of North America. International ventures soon followed in Brazil, Mexico, Hungary, Poland and the Pacific Rim.

Forbes Magazine listed OSI Group McDonalds as 58th largest privately owned company in the United States in 2016. OSI’s tremendous growth is a sign of the company’s vision. Leaders at OSI Group McDonalds believe that expansion opens up opportunities for its employees as well as its clients.

The Relentless Pursuit for Greatness by the Team from OSI Group

OSI Group has come a long way since its inception in 1909. It has seen a lot of tremendous changes, expansion, and growth all of which have played a key role in shaping it into the food industry giant it is today. Based on the foundation of quality products and services, OSI is one of the biggest names when it comes to the meat processing and supply industry. OSI Group supplies pizzas, poultry, and other meat products to food service and retail industries.

The foundations of OSI Group (previously known as Otto & Sons) were laid in 1909 in Oak Park, an area in Chicago, Illinois. The man behind this idea was known as Otto Kolschowsky. Otto started this enterprise just as a meat market to supply the people around Oak Park with quality meat products.

With excellent product quality, the word spread across Chicago, the customers increased, and within no time, the business was doing exceptionally well. With an increase in demand for products, Otto Kolschowsky’s business grew and expanded to other areas outside of Chicago and across the country. One of the notable moves, Otto &Sons made was striking a deal with McDonald’s. The deal meant that Otto would be McDonalds’ supplier of ground beef. With the deal, the two firms dedicated their time and efforts towards growth and domination of the global food market.

In 1971, Otto & Sons came up with a new food preservation system that would revolutionize the industry and play a critical role in its further expansion. The firm used liquid nitrogen to preserve food products, and this would mean the food would go a very long time without going bad. This was convenient for firms like McDonald’s which needed to preserve their food products as they were being transported to different restaurants in different areas. Otto & Sons were changed to OSI in 1975.

The expansion of OSI industries did not stop neither did it slow down. In 1990, the firm established its presence in the Philippines by partnering with Alaska Milk Corporation and General Milling Corporation. In 2016, OSI Group spread its European presence by acquiring a popular firm in the Dutch foodservice industry known as Baho Foods. In December the same year, the firm acquired Flagship Europe, a firm in the same business. With this pace, it is evident that nothing is going to stop the OSI Group.

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Jeuensse Global Product Review Luminesce

Wendy Lewis wanted to start Jeunesse Global on an auspicious day, so she started it on September 9, 2009, with her husband and business partner, Randy Ray. They wanted to have the sequence of nines in the founding because nine symbolizes vitality, a key part of the Jeunesse Global mission. They wanted to create longevity for the consumers and their distributors. The company was created on a direct selling business model instead of the traditional retail stores that sell beauty products and health supplements. By using distributors to sell their products, they can create more than a billion dollars in annual sales, creating great profits for themselves and their distributors. They also ensure their distributors have all they need to succeed in network marketing because they have worked in network marketing themselves. Before beginning Jeunesse Global, the couple had a consulting firm that provided the backend services to many different network marketing companies. After learning the tools of the trade, they have been able to pass on their hard-won knowledge to their distributors.


They also wanted to create the best anti-aging products on the market, so they developed their patented Youth Enhancement System. The Y.E.S. system was designed to keep their customers looking as young as they feel and their skincare lines were developed to help keep them looking younger than they are. One of their famous skincare lines that the customers adore is the Luminesce line.


The Luminesce line was designed with APT-200, a formula containing more than 200 different human growth factors. The stem cells are made from adult human adipose stem cells, which have greater efficacy than plant-derived stem cells. This is the power behind the Luminesce skincare system and creates results within a month. The APT-200 encourages the cells to produce better skin cells with more elastin and collagen. These proteins create a firmer skin tone and an even complexion. By repairing and rejuvenating the skin cells, the Luminesce line reveals a more youthful face for all of the users. The Cellular Rejuvenation Serum contains the highest concentration of APT-200 and each use only requires one to two pumps.



Bumble Is Whitney Wolfe’s Brainchild

Whitney Wolfe has become a sensation in the corporate world for her successful roles at both Tinder and Bumble. As a former executive of Tinder, Whitney Wolfe is more than qualified to lead a development team to create a dating platform, which is exactly what she did with Bumble. Rather than sticking with Tinder after a harassment case, Whitney Wolfe decided she wanted to try her own hand at creating a dating app made for women, rather than letting men take the focus like they always have on dating platforms. Whitney launched Bumble in 2014 with great success as it became one of the fastest growing dating platforms on the market today. Her accomplishments with Bumble have made her one of the fastest growing businesswomen in the country. Read more about Whitney Wolfe at Wikipedia

Whitney’s primary focus with Bumble is to keep women feeling empowered, safe, and in control. More than anything, Whitney doesn’t want anyone using Bumble to feel uncomfortable with their experience. On top of the romantic part of Bumble, Whitney has also released different parts of Bumble for people that aren’t looking for romantic relationships. BumbleBFF, for example, allows users to simply look for friends to share activities within their area. Today, Bumble has more than 30 million users across the globe and this number is growing steadily every year.

Whitney Wolfe has become one of the wealthiest women in the country due to her position at both Tinder and now Bumble, which has an estimated value greater than a billion dollars after just four years in the market. Bumble is always improving as well, adding new features and catering to its users. More than anything, Bumble will stay a place that is safe for women by giving them the power they need to navigate and covers comfortably. Whitney’s motivating comes not just from a desire to succeed, but a desire to make women feel empowered rather than like they are prey.

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Fortress Investment Group’s New Times Square Project

Fortress Investment Group was the first major private equity firm to become a publicly traded company. The firm, which currently has over $70 billion under management, has a new real estate project in New York’s Times Square. Fortress and its partners recently purchased the Palace Theater as well as the Marriott EDITION, located at 20 Times Square. In order to acquire full ownership, Fortress Investment Group and Maefield Development purchased bought the shares of former partners Howard Lorber, Ian Schrager, Steve Witkoff, and Winthrop Realty Trust at a total property valuation of $1.53 billion.

The new project was dubbed TSX Broadway and will eventually include two hotels, the EDITION as well as the Doubletree Suites, the location of the Palace Theater. The Doubletree is currently being renovated, but insiders believe that the smaller luxury EDITION will be the more elite of the two properties. The project also includes a full renovation of the Palace Theater, which will involve raising the structure almost 30 feet. The larger Doubletree hotel is expected to have around 700 rooms as well as ample meeting and event space. Fortress Investment Group leadership believes that upon completion, the property will see a significant appreciation in value. To know more about the company click here.

Although it is the smaller of the two hotels, the EDITION boasts a 5,000 sq. feet performance venue, a meeting space, as well as industry-standard fitness facilities. In addition, the upscale venue also has a restaurant and beer garden overlooking Times Square. The EDITION also has a large retail area, with the NFL planning a new 25,000 sq. foot retail space at the property.

Fortress was founded in 1998 by Randal Nardone, Wes Edens, and Rob Kauffman. Lehman Brothers and Goldman Sachs handled the investment firm’s historic IPO in 2007. Fortress Investment Group was honored as the Hedge Fund Manager of the Year for 2014, one of many awards the company has received in its short history.

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Infinity Group Australia is on the Road to help Families eliminate debt

Infinity Group Australia is classified as a debt reduction company. They have helped numerous individuals improve their personal finances while reducing debt. It is one of the fastest growing companies of its type in Australia. The company has also been named one of the most innovative companies by the Australian Financial Review (AFR).


The company was founded in 2013 by Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker and the recognition was awarded by AFR for the year 2018. Candidates for the award were rated according to how well problems were addressed, the level of impact it has in the financial world, the uniqueness and quality of the solutions, along with their overall process, strategy, innovative level and resources used. More than 1,000 companies were nominated for the award throughout New Zealand, as well as Australia and Holm and Walker found themselves at the head of the class on awards night.


In accepting the award, Holm and Walker credited and congratulated their team on providing the innovative solutions and always striving to find a better way to do things. Mr. Holm’s experience spans more than 15 years in the financial field and he has an undying passion for taking the honest approach to everything he does. His commitment to help others through their personal crisis is what prompted him to establish his own company and provide such a service, He considers himself to be a personal trainer for finances.


The company continues to grow and expand as it continues to thrive in Bella Vista, New South Wales in Sydney, Australia. The company focus, as well as its strength is their commitment to customer service. The Infinity Group Australia reviews demonstrate the team is helping clients eliminate an average of $40,000 of debt within a 12 month period. Clients are able to pay off home loans quicker, as well as manage debt once it is eliminated.


When establishing the company, Holm discovered there is a lack of guidance, advice and support for families when it comes to financial matters. Holm and his team provide clients with the necessary help in the form of education, advice and training in how to eliminate debt and then better manage their finances to control debt in the future. Clients receive help and advice to develop and maintain budgets that fit their needs and receive reviews of their financial performance once a plan is in place. Part of the service Infinity Group provides is to help clients create wealth, as well as retirement solutions. Learn more: https://heycompanies.com.au/0767701/Infinity_Group_Australia