Create The Perfect Table Settings For Your Party

Your table settings are an important part of your party, but you do not have to stress yourself out trying to get your settings just right. There are many event planners in NYC who are willing to share tips for table settings, and this includes party planner Camille Styles. Use the following tips to create the perfect table settings for your party.


Less Is More: You do not have to go overboard to create the perfect table setting. You can create a modern but beautiful setting with simple pieces such as ribbon and cardstock. Start by tying the ribbon around napkins or utensils and placing them next to each plate. Use the cardstock to create name cards for each guest at the table. You can add a touch of nature by pairing elements such as bare branches and white votive candles.


Use The Favors: You can save money by using decorative pieces that double as party favors. Votive candles or small terra-cotta pots make great place settings or centerpieces, and your guests can take the pieces home at the end of the day.


A Place For The Kids: Your smaller guests need a place at the party, and this is why it is recommended to set up a table for the kids. Cover the table in plain or lightly colored butcher paper, and let the kids decorate it with crayons and colored pencils. You can even create a centerpiece of cupcakes, brownies or cookies.


There are many event planning companies in NYC that are ready to help with your event, and this includes Twenty Three Layers. The company was founded by Jessica Boskoff, Sarah Freedman and Lindsay Hayden, and these three women are experts in event and party planning.


Twenty Three Layers works hard to make sure your event is a success. The services include venue selection, lighting and floral design. You can also hire the company to build a menu, snap photographs and hire entertainment for your event.


You can hire personal or corporate event planners in NYC to help you create the perfect table settings for your party.