The Case of Robert Brady and Where You can Hire Wikipedia Experts

When the Irish football sensation, Robert Brady scored a late decider in the match between the republic of Ireland and Italy on the night of June 21st, in the Euro 2016 football tournament in France. Irish fans took to his Wikipedia page to pour their emotions. According to a piece by Sam Haysom on, several glorifying phrases were used to describe the player, including “Jesus Christ Brady”, ”God who walks among us” and “Robert The Messiah Brady” among other exaltation’s. The successive changes on Brady’s Wikipedia page were apparent between 10:00pm and 12:00am. 

The amazing goal scored by Brady in the 85th minute of play not only helped Ireland secure a berth among the final 16 teams of the tournament, it also made him the most popular person in Ireland. It is a feat to update a Wikipedia page even one time, but Brady’s Wikipedia page was edited about 100 times by elated fans, just two hours after the match between Ireland and Italy had ended. Amusingly, no matter how glorious Irish football fans went on to praise their new found star, the Wikipedia editors worked persistently and quicker to edit and restore the page back to its original format in line with Wikipedia practices.

The Wikipedia Advantage

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