Altium Capital; Redefining Healthcare Investment

Jacob Gotlieb is a successful financial entrepreneur who is also referred to as the titan of healthcare investments. He recently added Altium Capital, a healthcare oriented business that is based in New York to his investments. Altium capital focuses on investment opportunities that are related to growth companies in the healthcare industry. Gotlieb invests in enterprises that offer advanced medical treatment and offer meaningful healthcare.

Recent investments by Altium Capital include Oragenics, Oramed Pharmaceuticals and Amarin Corporation. Oramed pharmaceuticals developed an oral treatment alternative for diabetes patients who normally have to inject their drugs. The technology was tested successfully and they were able to produce and release the orally ingestible insulin capsule. The Oramed team is made up of a successful management team that has vast experience in the pharmaceutical world and it enjoys the support of world-class scientific experts.

Amarin is a rapidly growing, innovative pharmaceutical company that is headquartered in Dublin,Ireland. Their main initiative is to develop drugs that improve on cardiovascular health. Their product development is based on the potential benefits of polyunsaturated fatty acids and lipid science expertise.

The main focus of Oragenics is in the development of novel antibiotics against infectious disease as well as the development of effective treatment against oral mucositis. The company was founded on the basis of replacement therapy which is the concept of replacing harmful bacteria with beneficial ones in order to restore the body back to health. The technology that Oragenics possesses can be helpful in tackling the issue of antibiotic resistance.

Previously, Gotlieb had founded Visium Asset Management in 2005. The company was worth over $8 billion and had at least 200 employees. However, after an insider trading scandal, the company had no option but to wind down and let go of the entire team leaving Gotlieb as the only Key executive.

Fortress Investment Group’s New Times Square Project

Fortress Investment Group was the first major private equity firm to become a publicly traded company. The firm, which currently has over $70 billion under management, has a new real estate project in New York’s Times Square. Fortress and its partners recently purchased the Palace Theater as well as the Marriott EDITION, located at 20 Times Square. In order to acquire full ownership, Fortress Investment Group and Maefield Development purchased bought the shares of former partners Howard Lorber, Ian Schrager, Steve Witkoff, and Winthrop Realty Trust at a total property valuation of $1.53 billion.

The new project was dubbed TSX Broadway and will eventually include two hotels, the EDITION as well as the Doubletree Suites, the location of the Palace Theater. The Doubletree is currently being renovated, but insiders believe that the smaller luxury EDITION will be the more elite of the two properties. The project also includes a full renovation of the Palace Theater, which will involve raising the structure almost 30 feet. The larger Doubletree hotel is expected to have around 700 rooms as well as ample meeting and event space. Fortress Investment Group leadership believes that upon completion, the property will see a significant appreciation in value. To know more about the company click here.

Although it is the smaller of the two hotels, the EDITION boasts a 5,000 sq. feet performance venue, a meeting space, as well as industry-standard fitness facilities. In addition, the upscale venue also has a restaurant and beer garden overlooking Times Square. The EDITION also has a large retail area, with the NFL planning a new 25,000 sq. foot retail space at the property.

Fortress was founded in 1998 by Randal Nardone, Wes Edens, and Rob Kauffman. Lehman Brothers and Goldman Sachs handled the investment firm’s historic IPO in 2007. Fortress Investment Group was honored as the Hedge Fund Manager of the Year for 2014, one of many awards the company has received in its short history.

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