FreedomPop Services and Special Offers is Helping this Company to Grow

FreedomPop is a U.S. based cellphone provider that offers free service to their customers. This particular cellphone carrier uses VOIP services to provide calls, text messages and internet to their clients. VOIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocols. In other words, this technology allows users to make and receive calls and text messages through an internet connection.

Nearly all other cellphone carriers use towers to provide service for their users. Of course they have to charge a fee for this type of convenience. What makes FreedomPop so original is that they allow all of their customers to have free service. This is one of the benefits of using the internet for communication purposes. As long as a person has a WiFi connection they can use their services without a charge.

FreedomPop gives each customer 200 MB of data, 200 text messages and 200 calls for free each month. Once a person goes past their free limits they will then need to purchase more services. Keep in mind that FreedomPop offers free services because they realize that people would be willing to pay money for really great service.

The truth is that the average customer who used their services would want to pay more money to upgrade their plans and to use optional services. The fact is that this model works. As a matter of fact, nearly 1 million people have signed up for FreedomPop services. A large portion of their customer base has upgraded their plans.

FreedomPop offers other services besides cellphone and smartphone data. They have a WiFi plan that will allow customers to get online when and where they need. They also provide consumers with their choice of mobile device. All of these devices are high quality brand named tablets or smartphones that people can purchase with a plan.

FreedomPop even offers their own tablet device called the Freedom Tab Liberty. This particular device is a great tool for using FreedomPop’s services. FreedomPop is a new player in the field of cellphone carriers but they have been growing significantly because of the great service that they provide to their customers.

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Freedompop plans to gain subscribers this summer

As reported on Venturebeat, Freedompop will be bringing free service to Spain this summer via the popular application WhatsApp. The app will be completely free to use, even if a users data allowance has been consumed. A MVNO provider, Freedompop started in 2011 and has revolved itself around giving away free talk time, text messaging and data to subscribers with additional amounts costing extra.

Currently Freedompop is only based in the US and UK. Spain has been in their sights since they were able to raise 50 million dollars back in January. The application they plan to use, WhatsApp, has over one billion downloads worldwide. The Facebook owned company has attempted to seek partnership with other companies before, but this will be the first big venture into the European market. It should be noted that Freedompop and WhatsApp are separate entities.

“Part of the reason why this (Spain launch) is important is because it is not in formal partnership with WhatsApp,” explained Stephen Stokols, FreedomPop CEO. FreedomPop is the first carrier to embrace WhatsApp organically and create a model that works without having Facebook push it.

The company plans to disrupt other markets in hopes to gain subscribers. Since 70 percent of Spain’s mobile users utilize WhatsApp, it was very attractive to the company. As it stands now, Freedompop offers free roaming services in 31 countries to subscribers in the US and UK. Global expansion should ramp up by the end of the year. They are currently accepting open beta registrations for their opening in Spain.

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FreedomPop Says They Can Be Everyone’s Alternative

FreedomPop is trying to be the best in the cell phone industry by doing things completely differently, and their CEO talked to Mobile World Live about how his company has the right option for everyone without falling into the traps of much bigger companies. The traps that people fall into make them pay a lot of money, and they do not get much service for what they paid for. FreedomPop charges nothing for its cheapest plan, and it charges next to nothing for the other plans. People who want to spend less can start doing that today, and they will see a difference.

FreedomPop is a company that does not have a lot of overhead and other things that it has to pay for just to get by every month. They can afford to have people using their service for a small amount of money, and they also know that they are going to be able to get more customers because their plans are so cheap on the whole.

There are even more people who are going to love the fact that they can get a cheap phone that only does the things they need it to do without having to do anything else. They need to make sure that they are spending less, and they are going to get that when they are working with FreedomPop because there are no surprises with FreedomPop. This is really the only way that people are going to be able to spend less on a cell phone, and it will drive more people to FreedomPop.

FreedomPop is the only service that people will need to get cheap phones. They have positioned themselves to offer lower prices, and they will inherently have more customers. The company is becoming the wave of the future, and their CEO can see how much potential they have. FreedomPop is one or two steps away from being the best option in the industry.

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