The Chainsmokers Speak on Their New Song, “Sick Boy”

Despite breaking through the billboard top 10 in 2015, it seems like The Chainsmokers have been around forever. The Chainsmokers are made up of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart: a producer and a DJ. Unlike most musical acts, The Chainsmokers normally only produce the must. They don’t often hop on the vocals. The Chainsmokers are best known for their songs “Closer,” “Roses,” and “Don’t Let Me Down.”

The Chainsmokers recently sat down with an interview with Forbes just before a concert in New York City.

The Chainsmokers barely released any music in 2017, but they intend to change that in 2018. “We haven’t put out a song in nine months,” Drew Taggart said. “We used to put out a song pretty much every month.” On the heels of their musical absence, they have released “Sick Boy.”

“Sick Boy” is drastically different from their previous songs. Most of their music is all about enjoying life and having a good time. The name alone signals listeners that what they are about to hear is not your typical Chainsmokers song.

The next topic is a little bit darker,” Taggart confessed. “I think that’s the tone of scoeity right now.”

The song itself is all about how The Chainsmokers view America. The vocals of the song speak from the perspective of the average young citizen in the United States of America. A citizen who isn’t carrying on with social norms; one that is aware of the actions around him. The vocals are complimented with a light EDM backdrop over a pop heavy instrumental.

Frustration,” Taggart said after he was asked what made “Sick Boy” have such a darker tone than previous songs. “Watching yourself become a caricature of who you are,” he added.

Alex Pall, the other half of The Chainsmokers says they are still holding themselves to high standards.

“We’re going to keep them coming,” Taggart said when he was asked if more dark sounding songs are on the way.

Jason Hope Contributions to Anti-Aging Research

Humanity enjoys the best of the World. However, all the benefits and plenty culminates in death. Sometimes it comes through disease, accidents or old age. With the never-ending race to prolong our existence and enjoy the full benefits of life, people have invested in methods through which we can extend life by slowing down the aging process. One such individual is the entrepreneur, futurist, and philanthropist Jason Hope. Jason Hope was born in Arizona and grew up in Tempe. After high school, He attended Arizona State University where he graduated after attaining a degree in finance. He would later further his studies at ASU’s W.P Carey School of Business and attained an MBA.

Through the SENS Foundation, Jason Hope contributes towards the Anti-Aging research. It is at this non-profit foundation where research of anti-aging process takes place. Anti-aging is an umbrella that incorporates advanced regenerative therapies. Among the studies under the anti-aging umbrella include those that target cancer and Parkinson disease. Also, they explore cell rejuvenation that leads to the repair of damaged cells. Jason Hope has continued to donate towards the cause of the foundation. In 2010, Jason Donated $ 500,000 to the SENS Foundation. The funds went to the construction and equipping of the Cambridge SENS laboratory. Lately, the institution has developed a different approach to addressing the aging process. They target diseases that cause our bodies to break down and accelerate the aging process. Some of the illnesses include Alzheimer, heart, and lung diseases.

Jason Hope understands that starting an enterprise, developing a product, or launching an idea is not cheap. An idea is just the start. However, to start and propel it to profitability requires resources, mentorship, and patience. As a result, Jason supports and cultivate upcoming entrepreneurs as they dive into technology. Most often than not, young entrepreneurs have brilliant ideas but cannot propel them to fruition. On the other hand, Jason identifies that mentorship can start as early as high school. Therefore, he offers grants to high school seniors and college students as they gravitate towards technological breakthroughs. Great ideas require a lot to get them off the ground. Jason Hope provides the support needed to take the ideas of the ground.

While addressing the internet of things (IoT), Jason Hope says that such technology comes to make our lives better. Think of waking up in the morning and finding a cup of coffee ready or having your fridge remind you of the shopping list. IoT stands to advance traffic and most importantly, the health sector.

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Believing in The Potential of a New Product

A lot of thought has to go into a product before it can be released to the public. The amount of thought depends on the type of product and the purpose behind it. While some products are similar to older products, there are some products that come along every once in a while in order to bring something completely new to the table for customers. These products tend to be the ones that make the most money and change the world the most. Among the people that typically come up with such life changing products is Bob Reina, CEO of Talk Fusion.

Bob Reina has looked closely at technology and has seen where it can go. However, he was not just looking for technological advancements just for the sake of advancing technology. He has looked at the benefits it could bring people who use these products. Among the type of products he has developed and offered to the users was Video Email back in 2004. He has seen that there is a lot of potential for Video Email and that it could make a huge difference in marketing for a lot of online businesses. Bob Reina has changed the marketing landscape with Talk Fusion.

Bob Reina has later on developed Talk Fusion, which was the next big hit. It has been such a hit with many people that he has gone on to enjoy a lot of the success. However, he has thought about people and their needs. One of the issues that was happening at the time was the lack of jobs. Fortunately, Bob Reina has seen that a lot of entrepreneurs could use help in bringing their business to higher success levels. After all, it is the entrepreneurs that have large businesses that can offer jobs to people. Therefore, Talk Fusion was designed to make marketing and communicating a lot easier for people. Bob Reina has improved marketing for a lot of businesses throughout his career.