Desiree Perez Shines Through for Jay-Z and Tidal


Everyone, at some point in time, is going to need a dependable person to help them get back on track. It happens in friendships. It happens with business relationship. Jay-Z has always appeared to be on the top – with no need for help – in his music career. In his business relationships in the music streaming world, however, there has been a lot of need for help.

In the beginning he managed to secure a lot of star power to get people interested in Tidal, but when the smoked cleared Shawn Carter would find himself alone as the Lone Ranger that was sent to get the company up and running. This was a true challenge. He would find himself longing for some type of help to get through the days as the competition came at him hard. It would be at this point where his management and executive leaders dwindled that he leaned closely on a friend. Desiree Perez would be the friend that would help turn Tidal around. It would be an easy thing for her. After all, she was good with numbers and she was already something of a legend when it came to running businesses.

Jay-Z has the 40/40 Club, and Desiree has her own club as well. She showed Jay-Z the ropes on how this type of operation would work, and he would also find himself in a position where he needed her expertise for Tidal. She is someone that has proven herself over and over again. She helped with the club business. Perez also helped with the Roc Nation athlete contracts. Now she is pulling together some sound business plans for Tidal to become a web streaming giant. This is something that has made people recognize the value of Perez in the music industry.

If there is anything that Jay-Z is confident in it would be his ability to pick people that have a good business mindset. He doesn’t hang around with rookies that cannot get the job done. Instead, Carter surrounds himself with people that can make things happen. He was able to work well with Perez because she seems to be a born leader. Desiree is a visionary that is able to tap into the vision that Jay-Z had for artists to acquire more money from web streaming. That is what has made their business relationship work so well right now.