Traveling Vineyard Is In Search For Wine Guide Mentors

Traveling Vineyard has many wine guides working for them. However, they are currently in need for wine guide mentors. Traveling Vineyard loves helping wine guides, but it is impossible for the managers to answer every question, especially if these questions have to do with the business itself. Wine guide mentors will either meet with wine guides in person or talk to them over the phone. The purpose of this would be for wine guide mentors to answer any questions a wine guide may have and to give them tips about the journey. Wine guide mentors are also expected to help with any essential paperwork that needs to be filled out. This paperwork will mostly have to do with wine orders.

Wine guide mentors will receive payment directly from Traveling Vineyard. Additionally, wine guide vineyards can still be wine guides themselves even though they are mentoring. Another benefit is that wine guide mentors will receive free bottles of women every now and them from Traveling Vineyard. Wine guide mentors will also be invited to exclusive wine guide events where they can win wine, money, and more.

Wine guide mentors from throughout the United States have stated how satisfying it is to be a mentor. Some of these mentors mentor only one woman while others mentor up to ten women. These mentors also see this as a way to give back to Traveling Vineyard. When these mentors were only wine guides, they too had mentors who showed them how to operate in particular business.

Wine guide mentors from across the United States have recently put together a wine guide mentor conference. This conference will be held in the next few months, and the rumor is that this conference will be an annual event to honor all wine guide mentors. Wine guides who are not mentors are also welcome, so they can see what mentors actually do on a daily basis. For more info about us: click here.

Traveling Vineyard is an organization that is all about helping women taste new wine. This organization began in a woman’s home, and that is why every wine tasting must be held in the home of a woman. Traveling Vineyard does not stop with just wine tasting and paying wine guides and wine guide mentors. Traveling Vineyard is active in several different nonprofit organizations, and they thousands of dollars to various charities on a monthly basis. Traveling Vineyard is also the recipient of several different business awards.

Pour Your Way To Extra Income

What could be better than simply hosting an evening spent drinking wine? Getting paid to do so. That is the bottom line of Traveling Vineyard’s marketing plan, a “home party” environment used to sample Traveling Vineyard’s variety of red, white and sparkling wines and then purchase those that appeal.

Began nearly 20 years ago by Rick Libby, this direct marketing company has enabled women to earn a decent income at their own pace, in their own way, around their schedule. With a relatively low initial investment for the starter kit, and no inventory to buy and store, Traveling Vineyard is a boon to those who wish to create their own home-based business, supplement current income or just earn spending money while socializing with friends over wine.

The kit, referred to as Traveling Vineyard Success Kit, includes all you need to begin hosting wine tastings. You are provided with tasting glasses and enough wine for your first two parties.

The one ongoing cost is the monthly fee of $15.95 per month for your hosted website. This, too, can be recouped easily by sales made at wine tasting gatherings. Included, is software for accounting, training videos and promotional material. What sets Traveling Vineyard apart from other direct marketing businesses is you will have access to a countrywide network of Wine Guides, all available and willing to assist you when needed.

Incentives to become a Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide are many. All business expenditures, even those reimbursed by sales, are tax deductible. There are no minimum sales quotas to meet. Wine Guides earn a commission on each bottle of wine they sell. Traveling Vineyard offers a monthly wine club option which provides a number of wines, automatically, at a discount. Wine Guides earn commission on these sales as well. You also receive a 20 percent discount on any bottle you buy for your own use.

Traveling Vineyard has taken the elitism out of enjoying different wines and put in its place great way to share knowledge of wine with others, have fun and receive an income at the same time.

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