Defector Yeonmi Park goes Toe to Toe with Pyongyang

If you haven’t heard of Yeonmi Park yet then you likely won’t stay ignorant of her for long. Yeonmi Park is the porcelain skinned, doll eyed defector from North Korea that has begun to simply make waves in the rings surrounding North Korea and all of its oppressive nature. Park of the Young Voices Advocates is a defector who escaped the country as a young girl and in doing so she survived and endured hardships that people of the West will have trouble fathoming. Thanks to her courageous spirit she is becoming a leader in the fight for human rights the world over, according to

Yeonmi Park will tell you with little fanfare that she never understood or even learned of the concept of ‘freedom’ until after escaping North Korea. The rule of law was handed down by the regime and citizens in North Korea did everything they were told in order to escape the sort of gruesome punishments that the dictatorship could dream up. Park told people of the One Young World Summit that she never sang or wore pretty clothing. She went on to tell people that she never even spoke her opinions out loud, even alone, due to the pervasive fear that the regime was spying from everywhere.

Since escaping North Korea and making her way to South Korea she has become a lightning rod of criticism in Pyongyang. North Korea has been doing all that they can do discredit her tale and the veracity with which they are going after her makes it all the more apparent that her words are ringing true. Pyongyang has published melodramatic video smear campaigns against Yeonmi Park with their latest being, “The Puppet of the Human Rights Plot”. Perhaps the scariest thing about that title is North Korea’s disconnect and belief that human rights MUST be nefarious.

Yeonmi Park recently released a book on Amazon titled, “In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom“. In the book Park details, step by step, her harrowing escape from North Korea and her years spent as a slave in the world of human trafficking.


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  1. The book culminates with her surge to freedom and ascent to human rights activism. The scariest thing about these admissions is that they are legitimate fears. This is a very good thing for it work out well and I do know that all these things can make someone mad.

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