Desiree Perez Brings Her Hardball Negotiating Skills To Roc Nation Deal

With a reputation for hardball negotiations, Desiree Perez has built a reputation as one of the leading executives in the music and entertainment industry. Roc Nation signed a deal with the Live Nation group in 2008 to give the live performance giant a stake in the recorded music industry for the first time; the $150 million deal is set to end in 2018 with both sides given the chance to either sell their stake in Roc Nation, buy out their partner, or simply walk away from the deal and allow the other party to negotiate with another investor.  More to read on

The management collective of Roc Nation has recently begin negotiating with various music industry groups in a bid to bring in a new level of investment to replace that lost at the close of the Live Nation deal. Desiree Perez has been given the role of negotiating alongside Roc Nation founder Jay-Z to find a new deal, with the pair making their first stop in Santa Monica, California as they began discussions over a new recording deal with Universal Music Group head Sir Lucian Grainge.  See for additional article.

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Desiree Perez has been the leading figure at SC Enterprises for more than 20 years and has been a major part of the Roc Nation leadership collective that has been developing the brand since its inception. For her timeline activity update, hit on   Roc Nation leader Des Perez has become well known as the leading figure in the accounting and negotiating side of the Roc Nation business, including the development of the company’s commercial tie-ins that have been built around the ability of Desiree Perez to create the best possible deal for artists such as Rihanna, who has built an important affinity with Desiree Perez over the course of the last few years.  Check for related article here.

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