Doe Deere the Makeup and Fashion Pioneer


Who is Doe Deere? Only one of the youngest CEO’s in the makeup and fashion industry. A Russian born, New York City raised industrious entrepreneur has made it very easy to break fashion and makeup rules. This is one of the things she’s known for. She’ll tell you, right there on her site, several things to do that are against the “rules” so to speak. She’ll tell you and show you in what she does with herself out there in the public eye just what she means. Wear a bold eye and bold lip color! Wear plaid with stripes as long as it matches color and so on and so on!

The Pioneering Doe Deere

In 2008 Doe developed Lime Crime. This was the personal makeup line she invented. This was because she could not find makeup that was bright enough to match the clothing line she was hand creating and selling on E bay. The following year she launched the Unicorn brand lipsticks which were the very first radical colors of their kind to go out into the market. Then, in 2012, the Velveteen makeup line appeared; becoming popular in the liquid matte makeup arena.

Her Cruelty-Free Stance

Her makeup has been 100% cruelty-free with no animal testing. It has been that way from the beginning. Some of her product lines were also vegan friendly and today, her brand is reformulated to fit the vegan bill. Doe oversees all the makeup creations she comes up with. She is more than involved with every step of the process. You will always see Doe wherever her products are showcased, she is truly her brand. She has a positive hold on the beauty industry. She is one who encourages young female entrepreneurs to do what they daydream about. She never gave up on her dream even though it seemed a hard road, she’s made it. Doe is one of the greatest inspirations of our time and you can tell with any interaction with Doe that she truly cares about women and entrepreneurship and will continue to shape the fashion world going forward.