George Soros Wants To Help The Left Recover

A Billionaire Takes Action
George Soros is one of the most prominent progressive donors today. Throughout his life he has made himself a staunch supporter of left wing politics and put a strong emphasis on the supporting open societies, free markets, and democracies around the world. Recently he has decided he wants to contribute to the campaigns of Hillary Rodham Clinton and the efforts to prevent the Brexit decision. In both cases he found himself disappointed with the results.

A Year Full Of Surprises
2016 was a year full of surprises for everyone. Early in the year the Brexit decision came around. Most had expected the Brexit vote to fail but it managed to pass with a slight margin of victory. Later as the year came to a close Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid on would end with defeat when Donald Trump ended up taking the electoral college despite a significant loss of the popular vote. Now, liberals wondering what went wrong and how to recover from the devastating losses they faced across the board in elections across America and Europe.

How To Recover From This
George Soros has previously allowed disappointing results in politics to discourage him from contributing on Snopes, but he refuses to allow that to happen in the current aftermath. He has lost money as the result of these elections, but he is determined to help the Left recover. Key to his plan to stage a comeback for the Left is to find a way to connect with the middle class voters that supported these politicians. Globalization on Politico was an important issue last year and many felt left out as developing countries and wealthy business leaders received most of the profits from globalism.

The Price At Stake
He doesn’t believe the Left can afford to simply stand by and accept the results of these elections. If progressives don’t find a way to resist and to regain some power, we may face dark times ahead of us. It may not happen rapidly but Soros believes the rights of minorities and democracy are possibly at risk. A survivor of the Holocaust himself, Soros understands what life is like under a dictatorship and how dictators begin to take away power from people. He sees striking similarities today in conservative movements and wants to do what he can in order to prevent this from happening again.

About George Soros
George Soros is a financial investor with a strong focus on hedge fund. His personal hedge fund, the Soros Fund, has operated for decades and consistently outperformed all other competitors. Thanks to his ability to understand markets and his sound investment strategies George Soros is currently worth $25 billion. However, he uses his fortune to help others in need and to further political causes he deems important such as open societies or free market capitalism. In recent years he has shown a strong interest in American politics and finding ways to support progressive causes in America.