Greater and Better Business Bureau Accreditation for Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies managed to meet the seven well-laid standards successfully for BBB accreditation which encompasses a business to engage in clear and honest advertising, build and maintain the trust, keep the promises, stay committed to integrity, be truthful and transparent in its dealings and safeguard the business privacies as well as being responsive.
Securus Technologies met all these standards through the resolution of the various complaints filed against the business, duration of time the business had been operational, response to the number of filled complaints against the firm among others, and this implied that Securus Technology was offering competent services and with an excellent product quality.

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Securus purchases JPay Inc

JPay Inc is a technological company that came up with many technological advances such as apps for education and entertainment to the correction space which is operational in many prison systems, JPay also came up with tablets and electronic payments and is broadly known as the leading provider of payments to the inmates. Securus Technologies through stock purchase agreement managed to acquire this company a bid that ranked them as one of the fastest growing and the best in corrections.

Securus Technologies releases GTLs’ Integrity breaches

After making an official announcement to uncover in factual findings in a PR Newswire released article about wrongdoings of Global Tel Link, GTL, a company that is an inmate communications provider, Securus Technologies went ahead with their pursuit in a bid to highlight and bring to limelight the wrongdoings of Global Tel Link. Securus America Technologies tabled its findings and noted that GTL made the customers incur extra cost in their hiked call rates against the stipulated tariffs.

It was also keen on adding extra seconds to the standard calls for the phones which were used in the correctional organizations making the individuals pay more for less and that the call charges kept varying with some them being overrated.

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