Guilherme Paulus Success In Business

Guilherme Paulus is a well-established international entrepreneur who has excelled in the hotel and resort industry in Brazil. He is well known for the excellent management of CVC which is a tour company in Brazil.

Paulus is also excellent in running GJP which is a brand of hotels and resorts. Although he just began his career as an intern at IBM, Guilherme Paulus was ambitious and ready to work towards achieving greater things in his dream. His success is known and celebrated with over 20 hotels and resorts.

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When asked about where it all started, Guilherme Paulus is quick to note that CVC was an idea that his former partner came up with. Carlos Vicente Cherchiari shared the idea of a tour agency in Santo Andre with Guilherme Paulus and that was the beginning of his entrepreneurial journey. At the time, Paulus did not have the funds but was ready to put in the time and work to see the company grow. Vicente supplied the financial muscle and the two partnered for 4 years before Paulus bought Vicente out.

To have a productive day Guilherme Paulus starts with gratitude every morning. He believes that being optimistic is key to success. He also has a common habit of using schedules to organize his days and weeks. These schedules help him say focused. In addition to this, he has cultivated a habit of being very attentive to his businesses regardless of how much he travels. This enables him to take note of any changing trends and implements customers desires and wants. This ability to respond timely to what needs to be addressed to enhance customers’ experience is probably one of the things that have made it possible for him to excel.

The hotel expert is also one of the people that are excited by the enhancement of technology. The possibilities that new technologies provide in the industry makes it more interesting to understand customers’ needs as well as keep up with market trends. Paulus believes that continued interaction with customers and employees helps keep him updated and as such contributes towards the success of the companies that he owns.

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