How Bad Does George Soros Think The Migrant Crisis In Europe Is?

Migrants are coming into Europe every day from the middle east on because they are fleeing the tyranny and persecution of groups that they cannot fight. These people are running for their lives into Europe, and they are looking for ways to live a new life in one of the many countries that are in the European Union. George Soros has tried to keep his eye on the situation, and he wants to make sure that he tells people how it should really be. Turning away all the refugees will not work, and telling them all to go somewhere else does not work. The countries that take on refugees have to be willing to pay, and they need to pay for the right things at the right times.

George Soros spends a lot of his on currency, but he also knows how much debt a lot of European countries. These countries are afraid they are going to be in more debt because they are taking on refugees, but they have a much better chance of getting what they need if they welcome everyone.

The people who are trying to make it to countries in Europe are willing to get jobs and work on opening their own businesses. The culture in the middle east is very much based on hard work, and it is based on people respecting each other. These refugees on are prepared to respect the places where they go, and they want to add something to the community that is not already there. Every person that starts contributing is going to be paying taxes, and that is going to increase revenue for every country in the EU.

The countries in EU will pay some money today, but they will keep getting it back every year when they are getting more back in taxes. George Soros has been watching how debt is taking over Europe, and he wonders how long these countries are going to wait until they are willing to spend their money the right way. A simple plan that offers assistance to people who come into the country will help them get a new life started, and these countries could have thousands of new citizens. Visit Open Society Foundations website to know more about George Soros.

They need to be given a chance to make their way to the people they know, and these tiny communities are going to make more money for every country. George Soros knows that he is going to have to talk to a lot of world leaders who do not understand this because they are afraid of refugees. He thinks that every leader in Europe can have a better take on this, and they are going to have to make changes to their own policies so that there is no reason to turn away anyone who is fearing for their life.

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