Marco Rubio Backed By Dick DeVos And Family

The DeVos family is one of the best known in Michigan and across the U.S. because of the role they have played as the leaders of the AmWay Group and in their own Grand Rapids community (learn more here:

The Detroit News reports the social concern the family has shown for decades under the leadership of patriarch Rich DeVos is continuing with Dick DeVos pledging his support for Republican Presidential nominee Marco Rubio as the 2016 race for the White House builds to its conclusion. 

Despite maintaining a large amount of focus on the businesses operated by the family, the DeVos family which owns the AmWay Group has also developed a strong area of focus on the social and political causes they have become involved in. Rich DeVos has always been seen as a major supporter of philanthropic causes and passed on this need to give back to the community to his children; the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation is perhaps the best known charitable group associated with the Michigan based family. The foundation reflects the beliefs of both Dick and wife Betsy, which include those associated with conservative causes following on from the fact Betsy has served on four separate occasions as the chair of the Michigan Republican Party.

The need for the Republican party to won the 2016 Presidential election has never been greater, but the constantly changing face of the nominees in the race has made this a difficult candidacy race to call. Dick DeVos had originally put his financial backing and personal endorsement on Jeb Bush before the brother of President George W. Bush pulled out of the race; the entire DeVos family now seem committed to backing Florida Senator Marco Rubio as he attempts to overcome his main challengers of Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.

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Learn more about Dick’s career by visiting his New Netherland Institute profile or see his LinkedIn resume.

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  1. The financial donations made to Marco Rubio and the Super PAC supporting him by Dick DeVos have been matched with a $250,000 donation from his father Rich as the family hope to provide Rubio with the push for success in Michigan and beyond. I know that writing service has many things inline to be chekced.

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