Matthew Autterson: Leading Chartered Financial Institutions his own Way

Matthew Autterson is known as a towering personality in chartered financial institutions as he led Resources Trust Company to one of the largest depository trust and state chartered companies in the country. He has more than 25 years of experience in financial services industry, and that helped him to lead the firm with greater confidence even when the market is down or facing severe setbacks. Autterson started his career with First Trust Corporation, one of the subsidiaries of Fiserv. He left the firm in 1982 and collaborated with a small team of executives to set up Resources Trust Company as a subsidiary of Integrated Resources, Inc., a New York-based financial servicing firm.

Under the leadership of Autterson, the new firm worked as a Colorado State chartered company. He became the President of the company in 1986. His later years with Resources Trust Company saw quick transition of the firm, its ownership, and structure. In 1989, Broad Inc acquired Resources Trust Company and its assets and finally got acquired by AIG in 1998. After three years, the ownership of the firm transferred to Fiserv. By then, Resources Trust Company became the largest FDIC-insured depository and state-chartered trust companies in the United States, under the leadership of Autterson. Until that day, the firm offered custodial and depository services to at least 200,000 customers through its 15,000 independent financial advisors.

Autterson’s long-term strategies helped the company to register custodial assets worth more than $20 billion and deposits of over $1 billion. The company also has more than 700 highly-qualified and committed employees. Autterson is known for various philanthropic endeavors that are expecting to add values in the health care sector. He is on the boards of Falci Adaptive Biosystems, a non-profit group working to help people struggling with neuromotor disabilities by offering options that advance their capabilities to control and communicate with their environment. The organization collaborates with various medical centers and engineering experts to develop technologies that embody adaptive and rehabilitation systems.

Matthew Autterson also serves on the boards of the Denver Zoological Foundation, Denver Zoo, and the Webb-Waring Foundation. He is the Chairman of the Denver Hospice board of directors; it is a leading palliative care, integrative therapies, and hospice care center in the region. Autterson was also the member of the World Presidents Organization and Young Presidents Organization. Currently, he is the Chief Executive Officer, President, and board member of CNS Bioscience, Inc., a firm founded in 2013, for developing drugs to treat neuropathic pain.