Medical Care and Health Program- InnovaCare

Being healthy is very crucial and a big determinant of how we run our day to day activities. We can choose whether to get sick or not but we can have preventive measures as well treatment on One cannot plan when to get sick, and sometimes sickness comes when one is not financially prepared, so having a health insurance cover is essential.

InnovaCare is one of the leaders in the medical industry that offers medical Advantage plans, Medicaid and they also engage in the improvement of original systems models. InnovaCare has been described as a medical organization that provides excellence physician services and are dedicated to creating a sustainable, dependable and cost-effective plan. InnovaCare functions two Medicare Advantage plans in Puerto Rico well known as MMM Healthcare and PMC Medicare Choice. In the two Medicare plans the organization serves about 20000 individuals, ho are served in more than 7500 providers. InnovaCare Health does not only help private members, but it also provides its services to the government within its health plan in Puerto Rico. They are committed to providing a complete advantage of medical coverage to the government via their harmonized care model.

The InnovaCare staff is made of medical expertise and professionals, whom humanity is their priority. InnovaCare also keeps up with changes in technology to provide quality medical care to its clients throughout the Northern part of America. InnovaCare works towards the fulfillment of their mission which is concentrated on providing healthy patients relationship as well as redefining health care administration to meet their customers need and beat the challenges facing healthcare sector.

Rick Shinto is the Chief Executive Officer and the President of InnovaCare. He has experience in the medical field of more than 20 years giving him a significant advantage of running InnovaCare. Before being the President of InnovaCare, Richard has worked in several medical healthcare institutions in California. Richard is not only a medical expert, but he is also an author of medical journals. He also a member of various boards including California Association of Physicians Groups(CAPG), the Health Net Quality Improvement Council and PacifiCare Improvement Quality Committee. Dr. Shinto’s professionalism and experience have seen him hold a position in one of the largest medical institution in the United States of America Aveta Inc. He has a passion of realizing every family stays healthy.

Behind the success of InnovaCare is the Chief Administration Officer Penelope Kokkinides. She has more than two decades in the health sector, and he focuses his specialty in government healthcare as well the managed health care industry. She has served in various positions as an executive including CenterLight Healthcare where she served as the Executive Vice President and the Chief Operating Officer. She has skills in the healthcare administration practice, organization and development of infrastructure in the health sector, and clinical expansion program. Learn more about the company at