Newswatch: Innovative News And Consumer Network


NewsWatch started as a monthly program with its center exposure on leading financial issues. This program began in the early part of 1990. After several years in circulation, this program expanded to more topics of interest.

NewsWatch now is a consumer and entertainment magazine format that focus on both editorials and paid portions of the programs in which products and services by companies receive reviews.

The show broadcasts at 7 AM on AMC Network, along with all Ion Television sponsors. NewsWatch also shows in syndication in independent local markets. Bridge Communications own NewsWatch, with central headquarters located in Washington, D.C.

Magazine Format

The television cast features a magazine type format. The televised show includes technical information, entertainment news, interviews with stars and celebrities, and sponsored product reviews. Susan Bridges host the show, along with anchors Andrew Tropeano, and Michelle Ison. The three anchors host news-worthy stories, and conduct reviews on different types of products.

This incombining format also offers a tech report, giving consumers reviews and research on the newest technology items and services available. The technology reviews usually cover all the well-known technology and electronics companies and their latest products.

The AppWatch segment of the show started in July 2012. On this segment, the latest apps for IOS, Android, and Window devices are evaluated and reviewed.

Celebrity Interviews

Many stars and celebrities have graced NewsWatch including Woody Harrelson, Jennifer Lawrence, to name a few. Also, many well-known athletes such as Joe Montona, among others, have appeared on the show.


NewsWatch is an award-winning TV show. The show has been honored with the Telly Awards, the Marcom Awards, and winner of the Videographer Awards. Newswatch has been in business for over thirty-five years, beginning in 1990. Their production team offers over 75 years of expertise in the television production field.