Pour Your Way To Extra Income

What could be better than simply hosting an evening spent drinking wine? Getting paid to do so. That is the bottom line of Traveling Vineyard’s marketing plan, a “home party” environment used to sample Traveling Vineyard’s variety of red, white and sparkling wines and then purchase those that appeal.

Began nearly 20 years ago by Rick Libby, this direct marketing company has enabled women to earn a decent income at their own pace, in their own way, around their schedule. With a relatively low initial investment for the starter kit, and no inventory to buy and store, Traveling Vineyard is a boon to those who wish to create their own home-based business, supplement current income or just earn spending money while socializing with friends over wine.

The kit, referred to as Traveling Vineyard Success Kit, includes all you need to begin hosting wine tastings. You are provided with tasting glasses and enough wine for your first two parties.

The one ongoing cost is the monthly fee of $15.95 per month for your hosted website. This, too, can be recouped easily by sales made at wine tasting gatherings. Included, is software for accounting, training videos and promotional material. What sets Traveling Vineyard apart from other direct marketing businesses is you will have access to a countrywide network of Wine Guides, all available and willing to assist you when needed.

Incentives to become a Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide are many. All business expenditures, even those reimbursed by sales, are tax deductible. There are no minimum sales quotas to meet. Wine Guides earn a commission on each bottle of wine they sell. Traveling Vineyard offers a monthly wine club option which provides a number of wines, automatically, at a discount. Wine Guides earn commission on these sales as well. You also receive a 20 percent discount on any bottle you buy for your own use.

Traveling Vineyard has taken the elitism out of enjoying different wines and put in its place great way to share knowledge of wine with others, have fun and receive an income at the same time.

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