Qnet Gives Women A Good Platform To Propagate Their Empowerment

Women have the nurture and positive attitude in them; these two traits have made them the right target for Qnet as its employees in making direct sales for the company products. The company has created a strategy that ensures that women work on their own free time and manage their work too. Women employees at Qnet have been making huge sales that are making their way to the market globally. Qnet gives women freedom, resources to work at their own scheduled free time, it has its operations and opportunities equal for both men and women and considered the fact that the highest percentage of women are the breadwinners in their families.

Qnet has helped lots of women in Asia through their direct sales method of work. Women are allowed to sell products mostly related to beauty like physio radio skin care range, and Swiss watches all is required is that the women be dedicated and have a self-drive while working with the company.

Their working strategy respects their duties at home and has a positive impact not only on their families but their communities at large. Qnet respects the plea by USAID to give women access to opportunities, education and technology especially because they are the main route to development in any region.

Qnet is a famous company with operations all over Asians countries. It has quite a wide range of products produced and sold in the company like Home pure, argan care cream, celestial herbal infusions, natose liquid concentrate and Nutri plus a protein power. The influence of their commodity in the market had them win 3 awards at Hong Kong in recognition to the company development efforts. Qnet has distributors in more than 100 countries around the world and also offer services through online platforms.

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The company also participates in humanitarian aids programs like through the partnership with Lions Club international Qnet donated a kidney dialysis unit to Shirdi Sai Hospital in Bangalore. Qnet prides itself as a company that is dedicated to service for humanity.

Qnet encourages the same motivations that sports team have in their game to be the same with its workers. It is also a large company operating in 3 locations that are Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Mussafah. Qnet is supportive to those with less or no privileges in the society and is active in fulfilling the needs of those with no homes and families in the society. The humanity of the company will make it grow to greater heights.

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