Securus Technologies corrects GTL’s inaccurate Claims

I once held a position within a correction facility. While it was not the best job, I found it a right place for I could earn extra income. I received money that was used to support the entire family. However, what pains me is when companies in correction facilities present inaccurate data and misleading information. Take for instance the incorrect data submitted by Global Tel Link. The company released wrong information against Securus Technologies. Securus has since defended itself of all such allegations and proven GTL to be a mistake.


GTL should be pursuing patents and license instead of picking up fights with competitors. I think that such patents and license take money and time to pursue. Therefore GTL has sought for the short route to release incorrect information. However, GTL can never beat Securus Technologies by only releasing misleading information. Securus Technologies is a leader in the correction facilities. Its patents well represent it.


Securus Technologies and GTL offer services to people within correction facilities. GTL is a communication company that provides telephones for inmates. GTL and Securus are the biggest competitors in the correction industry. However, GTL is seeking to gain an unfair advantage by releasing wrong information. I find that GTL has been posting misleading information against Securus just to try to win the fight. The nature of activities assumed by GTL is nothing but child play.


Having followed Securus Technologies for many years, I noticed that they had resolved the dispute. GTL made its way to review its patents by the PTAB. However, Securus believes that the Texas Federal Court brought the case to a halt because of lack of clear evidence. I was delighted to see Securus correct GTL inaccuracies by providing well-researched information. Securus has prepared to return to court in 2017 to fight for justice in the correction department.