Securus Technologies Making Our Prison Free of Drugs

One thing that me and my fellow corrections officers have learned over the years is that drugs in the jail will make the inmates more violent that they normally are. Despite all the things that we have to do while we are trying to keep the peace in the jail, we need to take proactive measures each day to make sure nothing gets into the hands of the inmates.


We start each day with various cell inspections while the inmates are eating breakfast. We send a team to the visitor center to search visitors and inmates, both before and after they have their visits. Despite us warning the visitors that they can face jail time if they are caught bringing anything to the jail, these inmates have a way of making these things happen.


Securus Technologies is based in Dallas and the CEO, Richard Smith, says all of his employees are dedicated to making our world safe. The phone monitoring system they installed in our jail is capable of listening to thousands of calls and being able to isolate calls based on different terminology. This makes it easier for my team to be doing one job in the jail while the monitoring system is scanning all the calls for anything drug related.


Once we get alerts, my team takes action quickly. Here are just a few of the calls we have been able to intercept and take action on. There was the inmate who told his cousin to bring him prescription medication and just slip it to him during their embrace. We heard one inmate talking about how it was no problem to use drugs in jail because everyone is doing it at night in their cells. Thanks to Securus Technologies, we can say our jail is safer without drugs in the hands of all the inmates.