The Reason That Securus Technologies Welcomed The BBB’s Scrutiny

When Securus Technologies received their accreditation and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB), it validated what the firm, which serves law enforcement and corrections facilities in North America, has been saying all along, they approach their business dealings with honesty, integrity and transparency.


As the BBB expects firms to be responsive to customer’s needs, Securus Technologies created a domestic call center with enough staff members to promptly serve the friends and family of inmates, many of whom are creating accounts to allow their loved ones to make telephone calls from the correctional facility or they are arranging for video visitation. In almost all cases, calls to Securus Technologies are answered within 11 seconds, and the issue is resolved during the initial phone call. This is important, especially for distraught family members who are struggling to understand how inmate communication systems work for the first time.


Chief Executive Officer Rick Smith is pleased with Securus’ BBB accreditation and he welcomed the scrutiny, as he has seen competitors make claims about their abilities that are misleading. In an industry which provides technology that law enforcement and the criminal justice system relies upon, misleading statements designed to snatch business from a superior competitor is clearly wrong.