The Relentless Pursuit for Greatness by the Team from OSI Group

OSI Group has come a long way since its inception in 1909. It has seen a lot of tremendous changes, expansion, and growth all of which have played a key role in shaping it into the food industry giant it is today. Based on the foundation of quality products and services, OSI is one of the biggest names when it comes to the meat processing and supply industry. OSI Group supplies pizzas, poultry, and other meat products to food service and retail industries.

The foundations of OSI Group (previously known as Otto & Sons) were laid in 1909 in Oak Park, an area in Chicago, Illinois. The man behind this idea was known as Otto Kolschowsky. Otto started this enterprise just as a meat market to supply the people around Oak Park with quality meat products.

With excellent product quality, the word spread across Chicago, the customers increased, and within no time, the business was doing exceptionally well. With an increase in demand for products, Otto Kolschowsky’s business grew and expanded to other areas outside of Chicago and across the country. One of the notable moves, Otto &Sons made was striking a deal with McDonald’s. The deal meant that Otto would be McDonalds’ supplier of ground beef. With the deal, the two firms dedicated their time and efforts towards growth and domination of the global food market.

In 1971, Otto & Sons came up with a new food preservation system that would revolutionize the industry and play a critical role in its further expansion. The firm used liquid nitrogen to preserve food products, and this would mean the food would go a very long time without going bad. This was convenient for firms like McDonald’s which needed to preserve their food products as they were being transported to different restaurants in different areas. Otto & Sons were changed to OSI in 1975.

The expansion of OSI industries did not stop neither did it slow down. In 1990, the firm established its presence in the Philippines by partnering with Alaska Milk Corporation and General Milling Corporation. In 2016, OSI Group spread its European presence by acquiring a popular firm in the Dutch foodservice industry known as Baho Foods. In December the same year, the firm acquired Flagship Europe, a firm in the same business. With this pace, it is evident that nothing is going to stop the OSI Group.