Traveling Vineyard Wines

The Rewards of Participating in The Traveling Vineyard Wines Program and Becoming a Licensed Consultant

Rick Libby, Chief Executive Officer of The Traveling Vineyard, a company based in Ipswich, MA hosted the first at-home wine tasting event in Tampa, FL. He established the business in 2001 and uses direct sales marketing and business models designed to recruit consultants and attract customers.

The basic concept is hosting a home tasting event and serving guests with a selection of The Traveling Vineyard wines. Mr. Rick Libby provides Independent Traveling Vineyard Consultants with opportunities to earn supplemental or full-time income and other rewarding benefits.

The way The Traveling Vineyard Wines Program works is to first sign-up to become a licensed Independent Consultant, also known as wine guides. Wine guides receive extensive training, support, and tools to direct sales marketing after joining the program. They are assigned leaders in the regions at-home tasting party events are being held to respond to questions and mentor new guides. A guide is there through the complete training process providing support and tips on how to efficiently host home tasting parties. All guides have access to the online training center, The Tasting Room which includes the company’s modules; Introduction to Traveling Vineyard Wines, Team Building Instructions, Tasting Event Videos, and Business Growth Strategy.

Some of the best benefits of becoming a wine guide and independent licensed consultant are financial rewards, work schedule flexibility, and low overhead expenses. Explore all the rewards after joining The Traveling Vineyard Wines Program and join the fun annually at the Harvest Conference. The conference is held each year bringing together hundreds of consultants and wine guides to have plenty of fun enjoying a costume competition, wine tasting, and dancing. The yearly event hosts training sessions to help wine guides enhance their skills in business development and entrepreneurship.

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