WEN By Chaz Lets You Pamper Your Hair With Healthy Fortifying Botanicals

When it comes to WEN By Chaz’s no lather shampoos, you need to apply a substantial amount for massaging into the scalp and reaching every millimeter of your hair. In other words, don’t skimp on the product. These wonderfully healthy and natural cleansing conditioners create the ultimate washing experience for the hair.

Famous L.A. stylist to the stars Chaz Dean launched his WEN By Chaz hair care line to offer women a clear alternative. The regular shampoos purchased in drugstores and even high-end boutiques often contain numerous detergents that rob the hair of shine and eventually weaken the hair shaft.

WEN is different, uses proven ancient herbal and other plant-based extracts and bathes strands in a rich formula. The Wen.com product line has been designed to help hair of any texture in any condition, even bleached and breaking off.

Bustle beauty contributor Emily McClure was hoping to use WEN for one week to achieve Hollywood hair. Her own mane is limp, dull and fine, so she chose the WEN Fig cleansing conditioner for added moisture and luster.

Emily was afraid to use the adequate amount of product for her medium-length locks, so she only used a small amount. That was her major error, but her mane still came out looking gorgeous, manageable, soft and bouncy. Her hair selfies show the beautiful difference. Even her girlfriends wanted to know what Emily was using on her hair.

Emily discovered that WEN worked best for her when she washed with it every morning in the shower, followed by a blow-dry and heated styled tools. The look lasted for hours.

If Emily skipped a WEN wash, she believes her hair looked flatter. She advises staying on the daily AM wash and investing in the time to pamper your hair; the results are worth it.

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