WhiteShark Media Customer Complaint FAQ

For the numerous years that White Shark Media has been around, we have received countless favorable reviews. However, we haven’t been without our share of negative criticism either. Only years of experience can allow a company to start from scratch that will produce little to no complaints from customers.

Through mistakes that come through trial-and-error, we have been able to learn from some of the feedback that would allow us to improve. We have paid for some errors in the past, but have managed to come back as a better service each time.

Here are some of our common complaints that customers have:

“I’ve lost touched with my AdWords campaign”

This one hurt us a lot. White Shark Media realized that we were setting up small business owners to fail due to not setting up proper reporting procedures. Now we prevent this by letting each individual client know every detail about what is going on. When you know your campaign before it takes off, you’ll be more likely to have an idea of where you want to take it.

“I don’t feel like the communication is good enough.”
Our most vital task is communicating. This task is as equally as important as delivering adequate results to our customers. In our early days, getting in contact with clients was more difficult, and was often done through a receptionist.  Learn more about White Shark Media Complaints:

We can now prevent this with a new communications procedure. One time each month, or at the client’s discretion, they may review statistics from the past month. We allow this by using GoToMeeting, a web conference tool. This was highly received by customers who had been working with us before we enacted this new policy.

“I would love it if you offered SEO services”
We don’t have any plans for search engine optimization services at this time. his doesn’t mean that we are unable to differentiate between a good SEO company and a bad one. If you want to prevent financial loss at the hands of SEO vendors, we would love to take a look at any SEO suggestions that you had in mind. You can contact the SEM Strategist, and they will ask a member of our senior staff to approve it.