Whitney Wolfe On Improving Dating Apps

When it comes to dating apps there are a lot of choices for singles to consider. Whitney Wolfe knows this because she has had a hand in building two of the most successful dating apps for the young millennials. She has proven in a short amount of time that she knows what single people are interested in, and she has brought this type of innovation to the app world.

Whitney Wolfe has done her best to make a dating app that men and women can appreciate because it’s different. It could have been easy for Whitney Wolfe to rely on her popularity from creating Tinder. She could have created an app that was the same as the Tinder app. She did make an app that was similar, but Bumble has a major tweak as an app that is different from the mainstream. With the Bumble app women are in place to make the first move.

The dating world has changed a lot in a short amount of time. What has not changed for most dating apps, is that the men are the ones that are holding the cards in many cases. What Whitney Wolfe has done is level the playing field and actually create what she refers to as a feminist dating app. This is quite impressive because it speaks volumes about the way that she was planning to change the dating world. She did not want to be another stagnant player in a dating app industry where all apps look the same.

Whitney Wolfe is Young, and she wanted to be an innovator. She wanted women to have a chance to see a world where they would actually be able to sort out who they were interested in and make the first move themselves. Singles appreciate this app innovation.