Why Reputation Management Is Important

Melissa Click, a University of Missouri assistant professor, was caught on film acting inappropriately. One mistake ruined her reputation and she almost lost her job but Status Labs came to her rescue.


Viral video shows that Melissa threatened student journalists by calling for muscle to remove them from the protests.

According to report, Melissa was trying to promote or encourage violence when the incident was caught on camera. Her reputation was ruined when the video went viral.


Since then, Professor Click has been placed on suspension while an investigation is going on. She has been charged with assault, a criminal offense. Although it’s possible Melissa can avoid prosecution if she completes community service and complies with other requirements, her reputation has already suffered tremendous damage.


In order to repair her damaged reputation, Melissa needed the expert services of reputation management firms. She embarked on a reputation repair campaign by getting in touch with Status Labs, a top rated reputation management firm, for help.


In fact, most people read online reviews in order to decide whether to trust a professional or business. With more and more people making purchasing decisions or forming opinions based on online reviews and comments, a few negative comments or posts can have a tremendous impact on a person’s profile and reputation.


Status Labs comes recommended in the industry, and has been in business for a long time. Status Labs has an established history of providing excellent services. The company has clients from all walks of life and is regarded as a leading reputation management firm. The company works with highly qualified and dedicated digital marketing and search engine optimization specialists.
Status Labs has achieved immense outcomes helping clients get rid of damaging comments and posts online and can help you repair your personal or professional reputation.

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